10 Ways to Help your Hair Grow with a Little TLC

Hey Curlies,

I get constant questions on how I've grown my hair out over the past seven years. My answer? A little TLC, some time and patience is the formula. That may not be the secret to long, healthy hair you were looking for, but it's true.

When I first did my big chop in 2011, I had the smallest little afro. Today you wouldn't believe that.

Four years of natural hair growth - ClassyCurlies

To give you some satisfaction, I've come up with a list of 10 ways you can help your hair grow just by giving it some tender loving care.

10 ways to grow your hair - ClassyCurlies

1. Deep condition at least every two weeks - with a plastic cap, plastic bag or a Hot Head.
2. Experiment with clay washes to free your hair of the chemicals traditional shampoos and conditioners can carry
3. Treat your hair to a cassia or clay treatment every couple of months - they promote shiny, strong hair
4. Don't forget to give your front edges and nape some love
5. Detangle your hair in the shower using a shower comb - it will eliminate the frustration you have when attempting to detangle after your shower
6. Avoid washing your hair in the sink unless you have these two items
7. Don't neglect your scalp. Got a dry one? Apply some coconut oil directly and massage
8. Learn the perfect time to trim your hair. You don't want to trim too often or not enough
9. Make your hair regimen as simple as possible and stick to it
10. Treat your body right - practice self care, drink lots of water and lean on healthy foods for strength (your hair will grow like a weed...trust me)