Natural Hair: 3 Reasons Why You May be Losing Your Edges

Hey Curlies,

I constantly get questions about how to grow out your edges and how to keep them healthy. Most people aren't even sure why their edges may are thinning. Here are a few reasons why you may be losing your edges.
**Tip: Remember to condition and spritz your edges daily with a leave-in conditioner or create your own (pictured above)**


Don't get me wrong, wigs are a great protective style and some can even look more natural than real hair, but here is the downside. Usually when one wears a wig, they wear some sort of stocking cap or wig cap. That cap usually fits pretty tight around your edges so that the wigs stays in place correctly. If not careful, the friction from both the cap and wig and cause breakage along the hair line.

Solution: Always apply a light moisturizer and oil before using wigs. Also do not wear them for extended amounts of time. Try to switch things up.


Bonnets are my best friend and many companies even create them in cute fashion patterns and colors. The issue with bonnets are the same as wigs. When wearing the bonnet at night, the bonnet is constantly causing friction against the hairline while you toss and turn during your sleep. Not something you've thought about huh?

Solution: Again, always moisturize and seal before bedtime. This process quenches thirsty hair and cuts down on breakage due to dry hair. You can also try using hair scarfs to tie your hair up and night or a mesh wrap.

Too much pull, Not enough moisture

Think those high top knots buns are cute? YES! Do you also love wearing ponytails and puffs? Probably so. These are very cute styles that are "in" right now. Yes, these styles are fashionable, however they do cause stress to the hairline. Be gentle and keep your edges moisturized.

Solution: Wear these styles in moderation and be sure not to pull your edges to hard when creating these styles.


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