Natural Hair: Discovering my Skinny Coconut Oil Obsession

Hey Curlies,

I've got a new obsession...with coconut oil. Not just any coconut oil but Skinny & Co.'s coconut oil. It all started with a work assignment a few weeks ago. For my job's magazine, I wrote a feature article on this company and completely fell in love with their mission (to change the world through improved health) and products.

coconut oil for natural hair
Skinny & Co.'s coconut oil is cold pressed in the Vietnam jungles by two Indiana natives. They offer health and beauty products for oil pulling, the face, body butters, lip balms and more. If you didn't know, coconut oil itself can be used for almost anything. Here are a few of its benefits and uses:

The list really goes on, and I'm not just saying really does. I've been using another brand of coconut oil sparingly on my hair for the last three years and as a body moisturizer for the past three to four months. I also love the fact that the company's goal is to use five ingredients (all of which can be pronounced and fully recognized) or less for each product.

Skinny coconut oil review all have to try these products! (No, I haven't been paid to try/speak about any of these products). I am very open and honest on this blog and never try to sell something I don't believe in. 
I've been using the Skinny Whipped Body Butter for the past month everyday, the Peppermint Oil Pulling product a few times a week, the lip balm everyday and from time-to-time randomly cooking with the original oil.

I have yet to try the Facial Oil or the handmade soap...but I will. I will say this product line is much more expensive than traditional coconut oil, but the quality of the oil, to me, is much higher than others I've tried.

I'll be using the coconut oil as a deep conditioner on my next wash day. Stay tuned!