Natural Hair: Rhassoul & Australian Pink Clay Hair Treatment (Picture Heavy)

Hey Curlies,

So if you read my last post about my confession, I vowed to up my deep conditioning treatments. I'd heard about Rhassoul clay and I've watched many YouTube videos about the application process. 

This clay has a negative charge so it pulls the toxins out of your hair while leaving moisturized and shiny hair. This clay also has the same benefit for your skin.

I ordered a jar from ButtersnBars called the Original Conditioning Mask. This mask contains Rhassoul Clay as well as Australian Pink Clay. This clay has similar benefits as the Rhassoul clay. I finally got a chance to use it.

This post contains eight million pictures, but I wanted you all to see the steps.

I first washed my hair using Paul Brown Hapuna Cleanse Shampoo in four sections and from there I began applying the mask. I found a random pair of gloves, emptied the jar into another container and added some aloe vera juice to loosen up the mixture.I applied the mix in the same four sections that I washed in.

All in all it took about 30-35 minutes to apply the mask.

From there I let it sit for about an hour and a half and rinsed. I then followed up with Paul Brown Hawaii Hapuna Conditioner.

My hair turned out really soft and smooth. This process can be messy but I plan to doing it every now and then.