ClassyCurlies Confession: Deep Conditioner

Hey Curlies,

I have a confession...

I have not truly deep conditioned my hair like I usually do. I know that I tell you all that deep conditioning is key to healthy hair because it is, but...I can get lazy lol.

I'm not perfect, sometimes my hair feels dry, sometimes my hair styles don't turn out how I would like them too, and I also don't follow my own rules all of the time(obviously) lol.

I haven't truly deep conditioned my hair in about two months. What I've been doing is applying the deep conditioner for about three minutes while I do my other shower duties and then rinse. My normal routine is deep conditioning for at least 30 minutes or more with a plastic cap.

So I'm going to jump back on it! I bought this organic clay hair mask from Butters n Bars as well as some rollers that are a mock version of Curlformers. I'm planning on doing both tomorrow! I'll have results soon.