Natural Hair: When you Know its Time for a Trim

Hey Curlies,

I was speaking with a friend about trimming natural hair and she wanted to know when was the best time to trim. I told her it depends upon your maintenance habits.

I don't use heat on my hair often, nor do a manipulate it a lot so I only trim every 4-ish months. Someone who does the exact opposite may need to more often. It's safe to say, it depends upon the individual.

But, here are some quick tips to help you know when it may be time for a trim:

When should I trim my natural hair/ curly hair? - ClassyCurlies
It is time to trim your curly hair when...

| Trimming my Natural Hair

Your ends feel rough. Take a section of your hair and run your fingers through from the roots to the tips. If you can feel your hair become rougher on the ends, its probably time to bring out those hair shears (yes, shears, not regular scissors.)

Lack of appearance. If your ends simply look uneven, scraggly and weak, it may be time to trim.

Styling is rough. When you two-strand twist your hair or braid it down to the ends and you find uneven ends that leave little pieces of hair hanging from your twist or braid, it may be time.

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How often do you trim your hair and what's your method? Please share in the comment area.

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