Natural Hair: Creating a Regimen

Hey Curlies,

Back in May, I attended one of the National Natural Hair Meetup Day Events and at the meetup I spoke about creating a regimen and how important it is to really listen to your hair.

Two very important things that need to be said before you continue reading is that your hair is different from everyone else's hair. You may have the same hair type as another person or the same length, but overall your hair is coming from your scalp, not their's. Also, things like this take time and effort. You most likely will not find your favorite product immediately, it's all trial and error.

Find what works for you...

Yes, we all watch YouTube and have even stayed up many nights past our bedtime checking out the latest videos. There are a couple of things about YouTube that you must be aware of because it can be both harmful and helpful.

You see a woman with gorgeous, healthy natural hair and she has a tutorial on the exact style you are trying to recreate. The problem is, in the end, your style looks nothing like her's and you're upset. A lot of people find themselves upset when they cannot recreate something or do not have the same hair texture as someone else. Remember that this journey is all about embracing you and being creative. Do not beat yourself up over small things like that, it can hurt your confidence.

On YouTube you can find thousands of hair styles and product reviews. This can save you lots of time and money in the long run.

Be careful of jumping on bandwagons. Just because everyone else is using product "so and so" doesn't mean that you should too. Sometimes it works out,but lots of times it doesn't. Be sure to read the ingredients on hair products. Jumping on bandwagons can ultimately lead you into becoming a product junkie.

Listen to your hair...

If you try a product or a method of styling and as a result you get dry,shedding hair discontinue using it. This is the stage where the trial and error comes in. Trust me, you'll know what your hair loves and what it hates. Whenever you do find your "magical" products, be sure to continue using them.

Also note that some product do not combine well with others. As a result you get crunchy or flaky hair. I've also experienced a white residue on my hair by mixing products. I'm not saying that you can't, just be mindful of what works.


In order to maintain a good regimen, you have to have a balance of both protein and moisture. Protein keeps your hair strong and moisture keeps your hair from drying out.

A great protein conditioner is Organic Root Simulator Replenishing Conditioner or ORS Hair Mayo. There are also many other protein treatments that can be done. Remember that too much protein can unbalance your hair structure.

Some great products for moisturizing are TRESemme Naturals Conditioner and Bee Mine Daily Juicy Spritz. If you aren't sure if your product are moisturizing products, click here for clarification.

As time goes on, you'll figure out how often to wash and how often to style and other things. It just takes time. For example, during my transitioning phase I washed every week. Once natural I washed every two weeks 2 weeks from my big chop on. Now I wash every week. Crazy huh? For my regimen click here.

Last minute tips...


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