Natural Hair Care:Hair Type Chart

Hey Curlies!

Everyone has a different hair texture, whether it is Fine,Wavy, or Kinky. Some people really use the knowledge of their hair textures to their advantage. This could help you find which products work best for you. Some sites and stores have products listed by hair type. you can also have more than one hair type. For example, my hair type is a mix between a 3 and 4. If you don't know your hair texture and want to find out what it is...keep reading!

Type 2 (Wavy)
This hair type is really loose and wavy, not even really a curl.

Type 3(Curly)
This hair type is very curly and a lot of times form ringlets.

Type 4 (Kinky)- My hair type/mixed with a 3
This hair type has very tight curls. Sometimes it is difficult when detangling because they knot up easy.

There are more detailed variations of each texture, such as type 3c or 2a. It depends on the intensity of each texture.