Product Review: Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise

Hey Curlies!

I used Organic Root Simulator Hair Mayonnaise a lot of the time during my transitioning stage but it also works GREAT for all natural hair. For transitioners, this product is really good because you can experience a lot of breakage and replenishing moisture is the key. My first impression of it, was awkward, because it was orange and it was called mayonnaise lol. Despite these things, my Mother said someone had told her that it keeps your hair moisturized for days. I bought this at Walmart for about seven or eight dollars and it was worth the money. 

This conditioner has many essential oils in it such as olive oil. If you have damaged hair this product is a good one to start off with. I usually use it as a deep conditioner with a plastic cap. I'll apply generous amounts of this product to various sections of my hair and leave on for more than an hour. Sometimes I even go crazy with it and use almost half the jar when I need a pick me up :)

If you have been thinking about buying this product I say give it a try!


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