Healthy Living: How to Make a Positivity Jar to Boost Self-Esteem

Hey Curlies,

Positivity is a choice. That is something I stress on several of my platforms, especially on my Instagram and weekly podcast, Curly Conversations, where I leave you with inspirational quotes to jumpstart your week.

In June, I served as one of the speakers of Fearlessly SHE, a women's empowerment event and one of the things I mentioned during my chat about enhancing confidence in your natural hair was how to make a positivity jar to boost self-esteem.

Years ago, I'd previously made a positivity jar for a friend going through a tough time and I thought other ladies would benefit as well.

In that crowd of awesome women at the event, was a friend of mine named Starla Kay Mathis, who wanted to collaborate to show others how positivity jars work and their benefits.

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Positivity jars are a must for those:
Ready to make your own?

PART 1: How positivity jars work and why you need one

PART 2: How to make your own positivity jar

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