Curly Conversations

Hey Curlies,

Ready to learn more about natural and curly hair care on the go?

Each Tuesday I host Curly Conversations, a natural hair podcast that aims to inspire women of color to embrace their curly hair and themselves through inspirational dialogue and hair styling tips.

What to expect from Curly Conversations:
  • Tips to achieve your best hairstyle
  • Which products are on the market
  • How to maintain healthy hair
  • Chats with special guests
  • Controversial natural hair topics
  • Importance of self care
  • And more!
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Natural Hair Podcast Curly Conversations - ClassyCurlies

Episode 42: How to revive your curls this winter (say goodbye to dry hair)

Episode 41: Why I stopped cowashing, and started clay washing

Episode 40: Dealing with rude comments about your hair this holiday season

Episode 39: When to start over and big chop again

Episode 38: The Art of Overthinking

Episode 37: Want some length? Find natural hair clips ins for your curls

Episode 36: Eat This to Help Grow Strong, Healthy Hair

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Episode 35: Bouncing back when life gives you lemons
Links with episode | Get your tickets to Curls & Canvas 2017

Episode 34: Tips for creating a fall hair care regimen
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Episode 33: When your scalp just won't stop itching

Links with episode | Sign up for our 31 day healthy hair challenge 

Episode 32: Eating for healthy hair and a healthy body

Links with episode | Sign up for our 31 day healthy hair challenge 

Episode 31: How to use tea to grow healthy hair, heal your body

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Episode 30: 6 Things to Know Before & After The Big Chop PART 2

Episode 29: Can you transition to natural hair without the big chop?

Episode 28: How to achieve your hair, personal and professional goals ft. Gwen of NATURALICIOUS

Episode 27: How to keep your curly hair the same when wet v. dry

Episode 26: FREE BEAUTY founder talks organic skin + hair products

Episode 25: Box Braids 101

Episode 24: A Chat with Heidi, the co-founder of the Q-Redew hair steamer

Episode 23: Hair Rinses to Boost Moisture, Maintain Healthy Scalp

Episode 22: What's Really in a Hair Relaxer?

Episode 21: 3 Tips for Fabulous Hair While Summer Traveling

Episode 20: 4 Ways to Include Clay into Your Hair & Skin Care Routines

Episode 19: How to maintain and prepare your hair for protective styles (box braids, faux locs, senegalese twists, etc.)

Episode 18: So You Have Heat Damage?

Episode 17: How to protect your hair during outdoor summer activities

Episode 16: 5 Questions to ask Before you visit a Natural Hair Salon

Episode 15: An Open Letter To Natural Hair Brands

Episode 14: 3 Things to do When You're Tired of Your Hair
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Episode 13: The truth about hair texturizers (and relaxers)

Episode 12: My holy grail natural hair products

Episode 11: A chat with Ebony Chappel of Indianapolis Recorder on culture appropriation on the black and natural hair communities 

Episode 10: A chat with Mia Pickens of Simply a Tool

Episode 9: A chat with Aisha Crump of Honey Baby Naturals

Episode 8: 'I Hate my natural hair' - Hair type discrimination 

Episode 7: Hair vitamins, do they work?

Episode 6: That time I was border line depressed

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Episode 5: Black Hair in America v. Africa (Ft. Emily Wasonga of Love's Hangover)

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Episode four
: Getting your hair back on track

Episode three: Avoiding the 'ethnic hair care aisle'

Episode two: Building the perfect wash day routine

Episode one: Keeping confident in your natural hair