Healthy Living: CoreLife Indianapolis is a Healthy Eater's Dream Come True

Hey Curlies,

Earlier this year, I learned a new fast-casual restaurant named CoreLife Eatery was opening their first Indiana location, and when I looked into the details, I knew I wanted to be one of the first through the door.

I don't know if CoreLife has a location near you, but it's truly a healthy eater's dream come true.

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CoreLife Indianapolis serves nutritious bowls made from greens, grains and broth. You can pile on protein, veggies and just about any other healthy food item you can think of. Literally, everything on the menu is good for you - no tricks.

Earlier this week before their grand opening at The Shoppes at River’s Edge, I was invited to check out the place and give my full review.

I was first impressed by the long line of people that formed behind me, which meant it had to be worth it.

The menu selection was wide and offered so much variety I wanted to order everything. Their "green" bowls are packed with shredded kale, romaine and veggies. For grains you can order thai style rice noodles or quinoa. The broth bowls are a creative way for you to consume soup.

Once at the counter, I was amazed by all of the whole, fresh vegetables. The longer I stayed in CoreLife, the longer I began to love it.

I decided on a Chicken Cobb greens bowl with romaine, kale, a hard-boiled egg and avocado. I decided to skip the bacon.

As I watched my bowl come to life, I noticed employees even halved my avocado right in front of me! (Which I thought was a fresh touch to fast-casual healthy food).

You won't find a soda machine at CoreLife, just an assortment of fresh-brewed teas, lemonades and coffees.

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I paired my bowl with a cup of raspberry herbal tea made in house (which had no sugar by the way, but was so delicious).

The lettuce was crisp and my toppings were fresh so to say I loved my experience at CoreLife Eatery is an understatement.

I'll definitely return and try out some of those other menu items I had my eye on.