Find the Perfect Roller for your Natural Hair

Hey Curlies,

I'm constantly being asked "How do you maintain a roller set?" People can't figure out how to keep their curls once they have spent several hours rolling their hair. Before this, one must decide which roller to choose based on the style they are going for.

In my natural life I've tried my fair share of rollers and today I'm hoping to leave you with some help as to how to achieve a certain look by choosing the best roller.

rollers for curly hair

Here's how to find the prefect roller for your natural hair:

Perm Rods: With these rollers, think "Shirley Temple" style. If this is a style you're looking to rock, see how I styled mine here.

perm rods on natural hair
Styled using perm rods

Curlformers: If you are also looking to achieve sleek roots with curly stands on the end, this is your roller! As a result of your straight roots, it will be easy to restyle/transform your style into something else once it gets old. See how I styled mine here.

curlformers on natural hair
Styled using curlformers

Flexi rods: These rollers allow you to show a little bit of your length as you control how closely you wrap your hair around the roller. The key to shiny and springy curls is allowing your hair to dry fully to ensure they take the shape of the roller. See how I styled mine here.

flexi rods on natural hair
Flexi rod set
Magnetic rollers: If you're looking to really stretch your hair, you may want to give magnetic rollers a try, (although they arguably may be more difficult to install correctly than others). See how I styled mine here.

natural hair rollers set
Styled with magnetic rollers
I'm sure there are some other rollers out there I haven't mentioned but I hope this gets you started.