Natural Hair: Wash Day and Curlformers Set #3

Hey Curlies,

Now that I ordered another pack of Curlformers I figure I might as well use them lol. I needed to wash my hair very badly because I had not touched it since my last curlformer set.(click here for details)

I washed using Curly Hair Solutions Silk Shampoo and conditioned with Paul Brown Hapuna Conditioner. As a prepoo I used a little tea tree oil on my scalp and Aussie Moist Conditioner on the length of my hair.

Soon after washing I started braiding my hair to dry, but then I forgot I was meeting someone for lunch so I twisted the last few sections and grabbed a hat. I used Shea Moisture Extra-Moisturizing Transitioning Milk and Argan oil on each section.
My hair sat in the braids and twists for about 2 hours then using the sections already created I began installing the curlfomers.

I used a different combination of products this time around. I used only Eco Styler Olive Oil gel.

With 72 Curlformers this time, it took me about an hour and 15 minutes to finish. I finished installing them around 3:30pm and removed them at 9:30pm. I vowed to never sleep in these again! lol Once they were all in a attempted to secure them with a headband to keep them out of my face.


My hair turned out absolutely gorgeous! My hair was silky, shiny and bouncy. Most of all my roots were really straight. That night I simply put on a satin bonnet and went to bed. In the morning some were a little smashed but they still looked great.