Natural Hair: Curlformers Set #2

Hey Curlies,

As promised I did another Curlformer(knock off) set to achieve a different look. Here is what I started with:
This is actually an older picture but my hair just got more dry and tangled from my twistout. My twist out lasted seven days!

For starters I applied a lot of Aussie Moist conditioner to my hair to soften it and get rid of tangles. I let that sit with a shower cap for about 3 hours. I washed using Jane Carter's Sulfate-Free Moisturizing shampoo and conditioned with Dominique's Best Shea Butter conditioner.

From there I let my hair sit in a towel for about 30 minutes then applied a leave-in conditioner(Kandy Curls Shea Butter leave-in) to both sections of my hair. I always wash and deal with my hair in two halves during this time. I put back in my two buns, tied a scarf on my edges and went to bed.

The next day my hair was 80 percent dry and I started  my curlformers set.
Products used
I used Nubian Heritage Mousse, a Deman brush and Eco Styler gel.
 In total I used 44 rollers with 8 of those being giant purple flexi rods. I ordered another pack of 36 yesterday so then I can have smaller curls next time.

It was HELL to sleep in these things once again! I took them out as soon as I woke up. Because I did not start on wet hair they set a lot faster. I vow to not allow myself to sleep in these ever again. Next time I will be using a dryer.


My hair came out even better than the first time and it took a shorter time limit to install this time around. I loved the results. My hair is soft and not crunchy at all but very bouncy.

One thing I love about these rollers are that my roots are straight and flattened every time. They are easy to install and the curls continue to come out shiny and smooth with lots of bounce.