Natural Hair: Magnetic Roller Set #1

Hey Curlies,

My very first roller set was on July 11,2011 when I did my big chop. My second roller set was on my birthday in December 2011. I used flexi-rods and it turned out really cute. The video is below. My third roller set using magnetic rollers with the clamps turned out horrible. It was a huge fluff ball and was not the look I was going for.

Last night after washing my hair, I decided to try a roller set again.   A year later, I decided to give this a shot, but using different rollers(magnetic with clips).

Products used:

I learned that I am very impatient with roller sets which makes absolutely no sense because I spend hours twisting my hair every week. (Lol) I know, I am backwards. I first got impatient because in order for the curls to turn out correct, my hair had to be soaking wet. I had water and foam wrap all over my floor and sink. I also became frustrated when I ran out of clips to secure the rollers so I had to use different rollers for the rest of my head. (Ugh) You will see the madness below.
Now I had doubts from the jump. I was pretty sure that it was going to be an absolute disaster. I sat under the dryer for about two hours and the rollers near the back of my neck still weren't dry. Finally, I got this:

Disaster? I didn't think so at all. I actually liked it, but I liked the way the top came out better. Only if I had more clips, my whole head would have turned out that way. The top rollers left more of a looser and smooth curl. I will now stay away from the rollers with the clamps, they are no good for me.

Did I mention that I brushed it up into a bun about five minutes later?(Lol) It just wasn't what I was going for. I'll try again later when I get more patience and clips.