Test Your Natural Hair's Health: Take a Porosity Test

Hey Curlies,

Sure, it's fun to buy new hair products and experiment with styles, but what about the science behind your curly hair?

For those who can't figure out why their hair lacks shine or doesn't hold moisture - it's all in the science of natural hair and you'll have to do some digging.

When choosing hair products, it's best to know your natural hair's porosity, as this will have a huge impact on how it's received by your strands.

If you've ever tried a product with rave reviews only to find out it didn't work for you...your hair's porosity just may be a little different.

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Here's how to learn your hair's porosity level

Levels are broken up into low, normal and high. It's a simple test that takes just a few seconds.

Place a clean strand of your hair (no products applied) into a bowl or cup full of water.

If your hair....

Sinks....you have high porosity hair
Floats....you have low porosity hair
Hangs around the middle...you have normal porosity hair

So what does this truly mean?

High porosity: This could be a key sign of damage. Since your hair sank to the bottom so quickly, it has cuticles that may not lay flat and it has holes and tears that need repairing.

Low Porosity: Your hair's cuticles lay tight and it can be difficult for your hair to absorb moisture initially

Normal Porosity: Your hair holds moisture for an extended amount of time before releasing. Keep in mind that if you fall into this category, your level can change.

This can be a huge wakeup call for some curlies and a simple way to assess your hair's health in a matter of seconds.

Those with high porosity hair will want to focus on repairing that damage with deep conditioning treatments and occasional protein treatments. Using heavy oils and butters to lock in the moisture will help.

Got low porosity hair? Hair steamers will be your best friend. These - like my Q-Redew handheld steamer - will help open up your cuticle before applying products.

If you've found yourself with normal porosity - keep up the good work - but again, this can change with the use of heat tools and neglect.

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