What to do When your Natural Hair Routine isn't Working

Hey Curlies,

Sometimes it seems as if you just can't get it right - you find the right hair style, but the products didn't work as well for you. If your hair routine doesn't seem to be working, it may be time to change up a few things.

You can see more details on my typical hair routine here.

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What to do when your hair routine isn't working - ClassyCurlies

Here are some tips to consider when your hair routine isn't working:

Take a look at the products you're using: 
Many times the products we're using don't work well with our hair type. They could be drying products or ones that make our hair feel brittle. If you're using one line of products, you may want to consider trying new products. I found many of my holy grail products using Curlkit.

When's the last time you deep conditioned?:
Your hair may not be cooperating because it needs some love. One of the best ways to replenish your hair with moisture is to spend at least 30 minutes deep conditioning your hair. I get great results when I use my Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap.

Maybe you should make it simple: 
Some people try to make caring for natural hair too complicated. They follow a 10-step system using 20 different products. Who says curly hair has to be that complicated? Take a look at your routine as a whole and see if you're just "doing too much." If you need help creating a simple routine that works just for you, sign up for a hair consultation with me.

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