Part 1: Can you Transition to Natural Hair without the Big Chop?

Hey Curlies,

Although this site was initially created to give myself an outlet while going through my own natural hair journey, now that it's been almost seven years - I realize not everyone is on the same timeline.

While some people have been embracing their natural curls for years, others are just getting started - which is why I'm reintroducing to you, The Transitioning Series.

Our series found on and on our weekly podcast, Curly Conversations, will answer some of your most mind-boggling questions like:
  • Can I transition to natural hair without doing the big chop?
  • What options do you have to big chop (and should you do it yourself?)
  • How to deal with breakage and shedding? 
  • Styles to try during your transition
  • and more 
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Listen to part one below:

Listen to Part two below: