10 Reasons You Should Go Natural - and Begin Embracing Your Curly Hair

Hey Curlies,

So I've got this friend - well a couple of them - who have seen my natural hair flourish over the past six years and they want to know the secret.

If you read this blog often, you'd know I share tons of them. But, often their not really "secrets," just things I've learned along the way.

Some of my friends are on the fence about going natural but aren't sure if they should jump ship or not. While having curly hair does have pros, it also has some cons - but in my opinion, the good always outweighs the bad.

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Here are my top 10 reasons to go natural and embrace your curly hair:

1. Curly hair is versatile - you can wear curly hair one day and straight hair the next
2.  No more long Saturdays at the salon - if you invest time into caring for your own hair
3. Going natural eliminates the use of chemical relaxers - which contains the same ingredients in drain cleaners
4. Eliminating relaxers usually leads to an overall healthy lifestyle - you tend to eat better and pay more attention to your body
5. You can still wear weaves and hair extensions if you'd like
6. I found that the elimination of heat tools and relaxers helped my hair grow 3x as fast
7. You'll enjoy watching people's reactions when you walk in with short hair one day - due to shrinkage - and long hair the next - due to stretched styling
8. There are dozens of styles to try - like this one and this one
9. Likely, once you've begun to accept your hair - you become more comfortable with who you are
10. Because you'll be part of an amazing community where women thrive off their natural beauty.

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Was I convincing enough? I hope so.