Natural Hair: 3 Signs of Heat Damaged Hair

Hey Curlies,

Been using the heat tools a little too much? It happens, but unfortunately it can leave unwanted results - heat damage. When curly hair is heat damaged, it's very noticeable, but the good thing is, you can take action and nurture your hair back to health.

Three signs of heat damaged curly hair - ClassyCurlies
3 signs of heat-damaged hair

Here are three signs of heat damaged hair:

1. Your once curly hair lacks elasticity - What does that really mean? Your hair doesn't "snap back" once you pull it and let go.

2. You've lost your curl pattern - This is a major sign that you've got heat damage. Your hair is mostly straight and will not curl up again - even when water is added.

3. It smells a little odd - If you just recently used a heating tool that was turned up to high, you can actually smell your "fried hair."

Did you check out clean? Congrats! Continue to love on your hair.

Just got some bad news? Ok, so you've got heat-damaged hair, now what?

While heat damage to your curly hair isn't reversible, there are some things to can do to nurture your hair back to health.

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Once you notice damage, stop using heat all together or minimize it. So instead of using a hand-held blow dryer and following up with the flat iron, try roller setting your hair and sitting under a hooded dryer for a more sleek look.

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