Natural Hair: 3 Hair Colors to Try this Fall

Hey Curlies,

Here in the midwest, fall really snuck up on us. We went from 90 degrees to 60 degrees overnight. Despite the shock, this is the perfect time to soak up the season and play with some hair color.

Pumpkin spice everything is very popular around this time, but a lot of women are turning to a similar color with their hair along with burgundies and other shades of brown.

Following are three color kits to try this fall:

Hair colors to try this fall

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Cocoa Brown Henna Bundle

Cocoa brown henna bundle from
If you want to color your hair in the most natural way possible, henna is the way to go. (Not sure what henna is? click here). I've ordered several items from this online store and so I trust the quality of any of there products.

This bundle combines henna, cocoa powder and water to give you a nice brown shade (and again, it's all natural). It also includes gloves and a conditioning cap. To see an example of the shade, click here.

Burgundy Mix Bundle 

This bundle is also an all natural way to color your hair without chemicals. It combines hibiscus and henna to produce a red-brownish shade.

Again, this also includes gloves and a conditioning cap. To see an example of the shade, click here.
Shea Moisture Bright Auburn Color System

I have to admit, this product isn't all natural, but it can be found in most Targets and Walgreens so if
you're looking for connivence, here ya go! I've used a product from Shea Moisture's color system in the past and the results turned out very good.

This shade will give off a bright auburn color, if you're looking to switch thing up. Again, it's not all natural but it contains ingredients like Shea butter, flax seed oil and soy protein.

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