Product Review: Shea Moisture Hair Color System in Soft Black

Hey Curlies,

When my mother asked me to dye her hair, I remembered how much I wanted to try the Shea Moisture Hair Color System. 

I bought the Soft Black kit at Target for a whopping $14.99. 

Compared to all of the other coloring kits, I paid about twice as much for this one. 
One of the big reasons I bought this brand is because it contains no ammonia or sulfates.

shea moisture hair color system review

Soy protein, organic glycerin, flax seed oil and organic Shea butter. Note: These are not the full list of ingredients. Read my review for further explanation. 

Deliver a vibrant color, body and shine.


shea moisture hair color in black
My mother's hair with dye applied
The kit that I bought contained the soft black color. Once I opened the box, I was very impressed with the packaging.  

The kit contained 7 pieces all tied up in a very cute tan pouch with a draw string. In the pouch contained one tube of color, one bottle pre-filled with mix, gloves, color applicator brush, and sample sizes of the Raw Shea Butter Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner and Exlir. 

The kit also came with instructions and were very easy to follow. 

I found it very cool that the formula was labeled as "no-drip" so I did not experience any mess (except for the fact that my Mom forgot she had the color in her hair and decided to wipe her face lol. If you follow me via social media you know what I am talking about lol )

I found it very interesting that when I first mixed all the ingredients into the bottle the mix appeared to be a light brown. I was worried, but once I began to apply the color it suddenly turned black! Crazy huh? I let the product sit for about 30 minutes and it was done!



Overall I give this product a 4 out of 5. I also like the organic ingredients they added in.