Big Bun Protective Style

Hey Curlies,

After six years of having natural hair, I think I found one of my signature protective styles! I was looking for something to do with my hair for work and my mind went blank.

I thought of a puff – as a last resort – but my hair was too stretched to make it work. Before I knew it, I began pinning and came up with what I call my "big bun."

This protective style was done in less than 7 minutes and required only 5 to 6 bobby pins and a headband.

big bun natural hair protective style

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cute bun protective style

cute bun protective style

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cute bun protective style

This was one of the styles I couldn't sleep on because the back would be ruined by morning, but again, it's a very quick style.

I'm sure I'll be doing this again soon...maybe even a tutorial coming soon.