5 Minute Natural Hair Protective Style

Hey Curlies,

Looking for hairstyles...searching for hairstyles. That's all I did last night as I wanted to find a style for my trip to Atlanta this weekend. (Details here).

I thought about doing my favorite voluminous twistout or braid out but I decided against it. Instead, I chose to go with a simple protective style.

protective style

I began with an old style that I wore all last week (It was pretty cute and you can check it out here).

Using Bask and Bloom Essentials' More Moisture Cream to style, I created a small part to the side then separated my front and back sections.

While clipping the front sections out of the way, I split the back section into halves and created two lose two strand twists. Once these were completed, I crisscrossed each twist, then pinned them in place.

With the back section done, I did two tuck and roll twists on each front section, then pinned them over the back section.

natural hair style

natural hair protective style

I'll be sporting this style all weekend until I have time to wash on Sunday. I have an early flight back to Indianapolis Sunday, however i'm on a board for a community organization and they are hosting a fundraiser...so this will be an eventful weekend!

See you at the hair show!


If you're in the Indianapolis area I personally invite you to International Natural Hair Meetup Day taking place in Indianapolis May 21. I'd love to see all of you there! 

Eventbrite - Indianapolis International Natural Hair Meetup Day