Natural Hair: Big Twistout

Hey Curlies,

I wanted to show you all the results of my twistout from using the African threading method.

The heat index has been over 100 degrees and the humidity has been off the charts, so I knew my twistout wouldn't last that long.

To see how I created my twists, click here.

This was my hair two seconds after I walked out of my house and got into the car.

african threading twistout

As I was driving to work, with the windows down (I was asking for trouble...right? lol) my hair got bigger and bigger.

By noon my hair looked like the photos below.

big twistout

I didn't get a chance to snap a picture before bed as I got right on the road to go out of town, but my hair was a full fro! No definition, just fro.

My friend was kind enough to flat twist my hair with some coconut oil for the next day.

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