Natural Hair: My 2013 Black Friday Shopping List

Hey Curlies,

I hope you all had a SAFE black Friday. I know people usually get trampled on this time of year so I hope you made it back in one piece!

I decided not to participate in the madness and keep all of my purchases online. At first I didn't intend on buying anything however the promotional emails started rolling in and I couldn't help it. The good thing is, the majority of my money was spent on other people; which is the way I like it. It's the season of giving!

Anywho, their were few hair care and beauty items I purchased:

Of course I ordered my knock off curlformers from I ordered another pack of 32 so I won't have to use flexi rods to finish the style. I purchased them for about $27. I have my earlier set in right now. Results tomorrow!
My last order from Butters-n-Bars
I also purchased Cassia Obovata from Ever since I did my last hair treatment with Australian pink clay and Rhassoul clay I've been dying to try Cassia. It is known to be the "neutral henna" because it does not color dark hair but it has the same benefits of henna. This includes natural conditioning and adding shine. Cassia is an all-natural powder.

My last two items were natural bar soaps by Hugo Naturals. I purchased the Shea Butter & Oatmeal soap as well as the Grapefruit soap at Ulta. I love my natural bar soaps. I'm actually still working on my last one from Whole Foods.