Natural Hair: Wash Day and Mini Twists

Hey Curlies,

I decided to do some mini twists just because I wanted a little break from my hair. I want to show off a little length and just feel hair on my shoulders. I didn't do them as small as I normally do them but they still came out pretty good.

First I prepooed using the hair oil that came with the items from my 90 day hair growth challenge. I let that sit on for about 15 minutes before washing my hair.I washed my hair using the Paul Brown Hapuna line. From there I applied a little grapseed oil and leave in conditioner. I blow dried my hair using the tension method. (video is recorded and coming soon!)
Results of the tension method
From there I randomly began twisting using Wonder Curl's Butter Than Love. I ended up watching an entire movie and then half of another one before I finished.Here were my results.

I don't plan on keeping these in as long as I normally keep my mini twist. Soon after about a week and a half to two weeks I'll be ready for another style.

S/N: My scalp has been itching like crazy for the last week. I'm not sure if it was the cleanser I washed my hair with a couple of weeks ago but I'm going to investigate and get back to you.