Natural Hair: 90 Day Hair Growth Challenge (First Post)

Hey Curlies,

Today officially starts the day of my 90 day hair growth challenge! I am really excited to see some progress. In the mail, I received a few items from the sponsoring company Nzuri Hair Vitamins. The duration of the challenge is from July 29,2013-Oct 27,2013.

A few of the pamphlets
The products

Hair Follicle Food comes with tip applicator

Each day I will be taking the following:

It kind of seems like a lot but since I'm replacing this routine with my regular routine it should me okay. I would LOVE it if you all joined me in this challenge. To purchase any of these items above, click here to visit the site.

I will be updating you all every other week. By the way here is what I am starting with:

Nails: My nails have always been very long...

Hair: Watch my current 3 year length check video here