Natural Hair: Curlformers Results

Hey Curlies,

I finally got a chance to try a curl former set. The rollers that I actually used were not Curlformers, they were a knock off version.(Who has $70 to spend on real ones?)

I ordered my set of 36 from ButtersnBars. This is also the site where I purchased my Rhassoul and Australian Pink Clay. Soon after washing my hair and deep conditioning, I used the curl formers to set my hair.

I used a little bit of moisturizer and some wrap foam lotion. It took about 45 minutes to install them because I had to get the hang of it. Once I discovered some easy tricks the time passed by fairly fast. I found out that I needed about 8 more curl formers because my sections were starting to become too chunky. To solve this I used about 4-5 flexi rods.

Let me tell you about my night. I did NOT sleep well at all. These things are so uncomfortable to sleep in! But all in all I had a fabulous hair style the next day.

Next time there are a few things I want to try differently to achieve a long lasting set. I found out that using foam lotion was not enough to hold my curls in place. While taking the curl formers out I noticed how soft my hair was and I knew that the style would not last long. I plan on using a product with a little more hold.

Overall I loved the style!