Curly Hair Care: Texturizers and Texlax Revisited

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I've been hearing a lot about texlaxing. At first I had no clue what a "texlax" was because I always referred to the process as texturizer. I already have written on this topic before because I just want to do a short Q&A so that we all understand. To see the previous post on this topic click here.

What is the process of texlax?

Texlax is another name for a texturizer. The purpose of applying a texturizer or telaxing your hair is to loosen the curl pattern.

What is the difference between texlaxing and relaxing hair?

Both of these processes contain chemicals that permanently alter your hair texture. Both processes also contain either sodium hydroxide(lye) or calcium hydroxide(no-lye). A relaxer is a bit more extreme, but at the end of the day they both contain chemicals.

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What to expect when getting a texturizer?

Results can vary and can be unpredictable. Some people experience a loosen of their curl pattern and some experience bone straight hair.

What is the pH balance of a texturizer?

Most texturizers have a PH balance between 9.0-9.6. (A relaxer's PH balance is over 12) The normal PH balance of your hair should be between 4.5-5.5. Note: A point 1 raise in PH level is 10xs higher than the previous level.

How to maintain a texturizer?

You would maintain a texturizer the same as you would a relaxer. You would reapply a texturizer depending on the rate of your hair growth. Some reapply every 3-5 months or sometimes only twice a year.

Is a texturizer permanent?

Yes, it is permanent. The chemicals will not rinse out after you wash your hair. If you do not want the texturizer any longer you must let it completely grow out and trim your ends often.

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