Natural Hair Care: Hot Oil Treatment Take Two

Hey Curlies,

I've done hot oil treatments in the past, but its been a while since I've done one. I kept forgetting to by a bottle with a nozzle top, but I finally grabbed one from Sally's last week.

I poured about an ounce of melted coconut oil, thanks to the warm weather, into my clear bottle and warmed it very briefly in the microwave.

 I applied the warm coconut oil directly to my scalp by randomly parting my hair with my fingers. I continued until my entire scalp was covered with coconut oil. This entire process was done after my shampoo and condition.

Before applying my deep conditioning cap, also from Sally's, I applied Amika Olive Oil Mask to my actual loose hair and then added more coconut oil to my loose hair as well. (S/N: You can omit the conditioner part and just use the oils)

I know...I look silly lol

I left my cap on for about an hour and a half, I fell asleep lol. If you have really fine hair, be sure to do an extra rinse when doing your final rinse. I could still feel a little of the coconut oil in my hair after I rinsed,but its okay because my hair absorbs oils like a sponge.