Health: What Vitamins Do I take?

Hey Curlies,

A lot of people always ask me how do I get my hair really soft and healthy. I do have a hair regimen that I stick too, but I also take daily vitamins for my overall health. I am sure that these supplements has had an effect on the state of my hair.

If you don't know by now, I am sort of a health freak. I love using natural ingredients for my body and hair. My mother is the same way and I think that is where I get it from lol. Anyway, here are the vitamins that I take daily:

  • Ester-C is full of Vitamin C and Calcium
  • Nature's Measure Women's Essential Vitamins is a multi-vitamin with iron
  • Spring Valley B-12 Vitamin is for energy metabolism 

Where Can These Be Bought?

  • Ester-C: at any drugstore, Walmart, Target, or any store that sells vitamins (GNC etc.)
  • Women's Essential Vitamins: The Dollar Tree...yes, the dollar store! lol They are just as good and even better than more expensive brands.
  • B-12: Any drugstore/pharmacy 
I take Ester-C everyday and from there I switch off between the essential vitamin and B-12 every other day. I began taking this vitamin below, but for some reason I had nausea after every time that I took it. It was really weird because my granny had given me a bottle in high school and I had no issues with it. So currently, I have an entire bottle just chilling on my dresser lol.
What type of vitamins/supplements do you take?

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