Natural Hair Care: MineralRich Dietary Supplement

Hey Curlies,

Last night, one of my friends dropped by and told me about this dietary supplement that she ordered. She heard about the supplement through YouTube when many vloggers described it as a way to grow their hair longer.
Instantly, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about the product. The name of the product is called MineralRich.

Once I researched the product, I learned that it is packed with an enormous amount of vitamins and minerals. Some of these vitamins include B-12, Biotin,Zinc and calcium. It also contains Aloe Vera Gel. Ultimately, it good for your overall health and not just your hair. Honestly I was looking for something to be wrong with this product since my friend described it as something that would make her hair grow. After research I found out that it is just a supplement.

Now will I try this product? Probably not. I have read good reviews about the product, but at about $23, it doesn't seem worth it to me considering I already take a multivitamin daily. If you do not take a daily vitamin, this is a product that I would recommend.


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