Natural Hair: Mini Twist Update (Week 3)

Hey Curlies,

I have been extremely lazy with my hair lately! I've just been throwing a scarf on last minute and crashing in the bed. This is finals week for me so stressed isn't even the word. I will be taking these down this weekend because they are starting to look rough and my scalp is in need of a good wash!

Here are a few photos I have captured so far.

Shrinkage is something else huh? I've lost about 2-3 inches of length because I haven't been wrapping my hair at night. It now looks like a neck length bob, but I can roll with that!
Left- my hair today
Right-my hair 3 weeks ago
Tonight I will most likely set my hair on flexi rods and wear curly twists the rest of the week. I'll update you all soon!

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