Natural Hair: Mini Twists Update (Week 2)

Hey Curlies,

Here is my mini twist update for week two. Today marks two weeks of my mini twists. I plan on keeping them in for one more week before installing another set.

I did have to redo the back row because it was beginning to look messy, but either than that, I haven't touched the others. I did do an extensive moisture and oil treatment. I used a lemongrass leave-in conditioner on my scalp and twists then used melted coconut oil on the perimeter of my hair, followed by vitamin E oil for my scalp and twist also. 

I have noticed that they appear to be larger and I have concluded that since they have shrank up a bit, that it most likely the reason. A few nights ago I got lazy and didn't feel like wrapping my hair using the bobby pin method so I just tied my edges down with a scarf. 

To see how these twists were done, click here

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