D.I.Y Deep Conditioner Recipe

Hey Curlies!

In my previous post, I showed you all photos of my new protective style (my marley bun). Before I actually created the bun, I washed and conditioned. I had also been itching to try my own homemade deep conditioner and had read online about a few simple ones.

I used the olive oil and honey treatment. The purpose is to repair hair by adding shine and moisture. It sounded like a sticky mess to me, but I figured I'd give it a try. Here were the steps I took:
appetizing right? 
I proceeded to apply the mixture in four sections, but after a while I just applied it all over. I put on a plastic cap and left it on for about 20 minutes. 

I will admit, this mixture can get sticky. I would have left it on longer but I kept getting lots of droplets of water sliding down my face and neck. The mixture wasn't sticky on my skin initially, just after it began to dry. I will admit that the treatment was a success and was worth all of the sticky drips of water. My hair came out very soft and moisturized.

Give it a try! These are ordinary household items that are inexpensive. The best part is, you know the exact ingredients you are putting in your hair!


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