Benefits of Wheat Germ Oil

Hey Curlies,

This is one of those oils that I constantly overlook. I never attempted to figure out what wheat germ oil actually was until I read the back of of product I received recently and it intrigued my interest.

Wheat germ oil it a substance that is created with many fatty oils. So instead of just using one oil, you can use a combination. It contains:

Wheat germ oil can be used for hair and skin. For the hair, it can be added to shampoos,conditioners, even stylers. It adds lots of body, shine and softness. it holds in moisture and protects the hair from UV rays. For the skin, it can be used to eliminate scars, dry skin and wrinkles.

Where to buy?

Lots of products that you have, may already contain wheat germ oil. Here are just a few:

You can also create your own mix with Wheat Germ Oil. It works well with carrier oils.

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