Natural Hair: The Baggy Method

Hey Curlies,

I constantly get questions about ways to retain length and moisture. Later on I will do a post simply on that concept, but for now I want to inform you all of another way of achieving both.

The baggy method is a way to get soft and moisturized hair everyday. It is also a very simple concept. This method is similar to deep conditioning because they both trap in the moisture.

How to (Option one)

This method creates a steam effect that will soften your hair.

How to (Option two)
This method is similar to the method above, but it only moisturizes the ends of your hair. This would be great if your ends seem a bit rough or dry.

Be sure not to add too much product. You only want to use about a nickel to quarter-sized amount of both moisturizer and oil.

In the morning simply remove the cap and go. Both of these methods can also be used on protective styles such a braids and twists. If you decide to go that route, it is best to use a leave-in conditioning spray instead of a cream based moisturizer.