ClassyCurlies' Top Natural Hair Products of 2017

Hey Curlies,

As we countdown the last few days of the year, I wanted to share my top natural hair products of 2017. I've got to admit, I've come across some pretty cool natural hair tools and products.

This year, I really made it my mission to avoid as many chemicals as possible, especially when it came to my hair care routine. You'll see some of my favs include natural hair products with all-natural ingredients.

Here are my top natural hair products of 2017 in no particular order:

Hot Head deep conditioning cap

Hot Head Product Review - ClassyCurlies

I'm not sure where my life would be without this deep conditioning cap. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I really do love this cap. It has really improved my deep conditioning routine and my hair can tell the difference.

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DermOrganic Shampoo + Conditioner

As I've been using more and more products free of chemicals, I love that most of the products in the DermOrganic Curls line are 75-80 percent organic. They contain ingredients like aloe vera juice, argan oil and plenty of vitamins.

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Bask & Bloom Stimulating Herbal Oil

If you're looking for a pleasant scent that will last all day, your hair will become the center of attention with this oil. It smells so good it makes no sense! Not only is the scent pleasant, it adds great shine by including ingredients like olive oil, castor oil and rosemary.

See how Bask & Bloom helped me achieve shiny curls. 

WonderCurl Restoring Hair Treatment 

Deep conditioners are so important, especially during this time of year, and this is one that made my top list. It has awesome slip, applies easily, and truly moisturizes and repairs hair. You'll find avocado butter and Shea butter on the label.

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This was one tool I was late on trying out for myself, but once I did - whoa! This handheld hair steamer is perfect for restyling without completely wetting your hair and starting all the way over. It moisturizes your hair and a light, warm mist brings your curls back to life.

See my hair steamer in action.

Alikay Naturals Aloe Berry Styling Gel

I'm not a big gel person, and actually prefer to make my own, but this light styling product made me look at them differently. With ingredients like aloe vera, it turned out to be a healthy gel made to restore and grow my hair, not just alter it for physical appearance sake.

What were some of your favorite products this year?