Birthday Celebration: ClassyCurlies Turns 7

Hey Curlies,

My heart is exploding with joy right now as we get ready to celebrate ClassyCurlies’ 7th birthday this Thursday.

What this platform has become wasn’t what I even thought was possible, or strived for initially. I just wanted a place to call my own, a space I could practice my writing and share my natural hair challenges and wins. I didn’t even know I was “blogging.”

ClassyCurlies has become more than that. As a natural introvert, I wasn’t seeking attention, and if someone told me seven years ago I’d be running a business with thousands of readers and supporters, I would think they were crazy. I would also think they were crazy if they told me we would be featured on TV, in national media publications and working with some of the top brands.

What I thought was simply “closet writing” was being seen by lots of people, and showing women all over the world that their voices and journeys matter.

I’ve learned so much about myself during this process, and on the flip side, I’ve been able to meet several of you. Over the years ClassyCurlies went through a name change - if you were reading during the early, early days - changed its branding and its focus.

These seven years have allowed me to come out of my shell, get uncomfortable and try new things. Adding a weekly podcast, and becoming the leader of a group with over 300 women isn't easy- but I have the vision.

The amount of love I have for you all is undeniable. I stay up late, wake up early and everything in between for this. I don’t have children, but this is my “baby.” Every big opportunity I take, I consider this brand. It’s amazing to watch it grow.

I never take any job that will mislead my audience - that’s what makes this authentic. I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked to “cheat” my way to the top, but that’s not who I am. There has been many wins and several loses during this journey, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve learned failure is not the opposite of success - but part of it.

I could literally write for hours about my feelings, but I decided to share them all in this week’s podcast episode of Curly Conversations - the last one of 2017. It will can be found here at 7 p.m. Dec. 19.

In the show I share our story, our challenges and successes. I also share what I’ve learned in my seven years of blogging and running a business.

I cannot thank you all enough for all of your support. For every blog post you’ve read, for every piece of content you’ve shared, every email you’ve sent, and every event you’ve attended.

I literally can’t picture myself doing anything else, so thank you for helping me discover my passion. I honestly can’t thank you enough. 

The year of 2018 is on the horizon, and trust me, it’s going to be a game changer for ClassyCurlies. Enjoy the ride.