Countdown to the 31 Days of Healthy Natural Hair Challenge

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We're just two days away from the 31 Days of Healthy Hair challenge! Have you signed up yet?

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If you aren't familiar, with this free natural hair challenge, let me recap for you:

The 31 Days of Healthy Hair is a free challenge for email subscribers from March 1-31, 2017. Here's how it works:

Healthy Hair challenge march 2017 - classycurlies

At the end of the challenge, I'll send out a free printable worksheet with all of the tips and styles combined. That way, you'll have everything in one place when you're looking for curly hair styling ideas or have a question about natural hair.

ClassyCurlies' 31 Days of Healthy Hair

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NOTE: Even if you are already signed up for the weekly ClassyCurlies email, you'll need to sign up separately for this challenge. 

What are the benefits of participating?
By signing up, you'll be automatically entered into the giveaway, but if you want an additional way to win, here's how:
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