Naturally Perfect Dolls earns $200K investment on Shark Tank

Hey Curlies,

I wanted to share some awesome news I came across in our community this past week. Naturally Perfect Dolls earned a $200K investment while appearing on Shark Tank.

Naturally Perfect Dolls is operated by a black mom who was tired of hearing her daughter tell her she did not like her hair texture. She began by creating one doll that looked like her daughter years ago, and now she has four different dolls available.

Recently the company received a $200,000 investment while on the show, how awesome is that?!

This time last year, I wrote about the importance the new 2016 Barbies of color and why they were, and still are, essential for black girls.

Hearing about this investment in this black-owned, woman-owned company just puts the icing on the cake for me. It shows we are making progress.

Watch the video for Naturally Perfect Dolls below: