Your Spring and Summer Curly Hair Care Guide

Hey Curlies,

While Spring is in full swing, before we know it, Summer will be here. Different seasons means different curly hair products and styles.

I wanted to make sure you were equipped with the tools to have gorgeous, healthy hair as the weather continues to warm up, which is why I'm presenting, Your Spring and Summer Curly Hair Care Guide.

Following you will find a couple of Spring and Summer related topics from all in one place.

Be sure to bookmark this page and return often as I will continue updating it with more tips.

Your Spring and Summer Curly Hair Care Guide - ClassyCurlies

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Download your free Spring Curly Hair Care Checklist here.

Spring curly hair care checklist - ClassyCurlies


3 Things to know before getting box braids - details here 

3 Things to know before getting box braids - ClassyCurlies

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5 Questions you Must ask Before Visiting a Natural Hair Salon - details here 


Skin Tones and Hair Dyes 101: A Cheat Sheet - details here

Hope this helps!

How to Find Your Staple Curly Hair Product

Hey Curlies,

This may sound a bit dramatic, but you'll find a new sense of peace when you discover your staple curly hair products. When I say "staple," I mean those holy grail products that work wonders on your curly hair. I'm talking about the products you run and tell your friends about.

Over the years I've used some pretty awesome products thanks to a couple of the methods I'm sharing below on how to find your staple curly hair products.

Once you find your staples, styling will become easier, wash day will become me - everything will be easier.

Since I've found mine (see them in the first link below), I'm sharing ways you can find yours.

Ways to find some of your favorite curly hair products - ClassyCurlies

Here are a couple of ways you can find your staple curly hair product:

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Subscribe to Curlkit 
One of the ways I discovered some of my favorite brands was by subscribing to Curlkit, a monthly kit delivered to your home filled with natural hair products. Intrigued? The kit contains some sample-sized and several full-sized products from a variety of brands - think Creme of Nature, Alikay Naturals, Lotta Body and Mop Top. This allows you to try an array of brands for one flat fee (without spending $10 per product).

Check out my latest Curlkit unboxing below and don't forget to grab your coupon code to save 10 percent off your first order.

Attend Product Swaps
I found one of my favorite conditioners - TRESemme Naturals - while attending a product swap event in Indianapolis. A product swap event is where you bring some of the hair products that you own and do not like. Other attendees do the same. Like they say - one man's trash, is another man's treasure. You all will swap products and you get to try something new - for free.

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Are there any other methods you've used to try new curly hair products? Drop them below in the comments section.

Natural Hair | A Look into my Closet Full of Curly Hair Products

Hey Curlies,

I've been getting a lot of questions on which natural hair products I use regularly and what's in my curly hair stockpile.

Today, I'm showing you most of my curly hair product collection. In the video I mention there are a few products and styling tools missing, but you get a chance to see most of it.

This includes curly hair styling products, shampoos, conditioners and much more.

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What type of products do you have in your hair stash? 

Jumbo Curls on Natural Hair Using Flexi Rods and Honey Baby Naturals

Hey Curlies,

It seems like every curly girl wants to master the flexi rod set. While I won't give myself that title just yet, I did use my jumbo flexi rods to create big, fluffy curls this week.

I started by washing with Honey Baby Naturals shampoo, deep conditioning with Creme of Nature's Intense Treatment and styling with Honey Baby Naturals Honey Shea hair butter.

I did use the tension method to stretch my hair before styling.

I learned the key to using product on natural hair after you've stretched it (and to keep it from shrinking), is to use only a tiny bit of product on each strand - think dime-sized.

That's exactly what I did. I used only a small amount of Honey Baby Naturals Honey Shea hair butter on each section and began rolling.

Jumbo Curls on natural hair using flexi rods and Honey Baby Naturals - ClassyCurlies

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Find the Perfect Roller for your Natural Hair
Below is the tutorial on how it was all done.

Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Natural Hair Shrinkage

Hey Curlies,

Shrinkage - a curly girl's "best friend."

I hear so many women with curly hair complain about their shrinkage. They feel as if it doesn't show their true hair length (and believe me, I'm with you).

But the longer my hair has gotten over these past seven years, the more I've come to appreciate my shrinkage when styling. I also learned that having shrinkage shows your hair's health - which you can read all about here (6 signs of damaged hair).

If you aren't there yet and want some ways to stretch your natural hair and get rid of the shrinkage, here are some ways you can do so.

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Three ways to get rid of natural hair shrinkage and stretch curly hair - ClassyCurlies

African threading is a great way to stretch your curls without heat. The process involves wrapping thread around the length of your hair and allowing it to air dry. It's as simple as that. Learn more about how African threading works here.

The tension method is perfect for those who are washing and styling all in the same day. This method does involve heat, but I always use the "cool" button on the blow dryer. I love how this really shows off your length in a matter of 15-20 minutes. Learn more about the tension method here.

Got a bunch of hair ties lying around? Try the banding method to stretch your hair overnight. It is sort of similar to the tension method but less extreme. It involves wrapping hair ties down the length of your hair and allowing it to dry. Learn more about banding here.

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What are your favorite ways to stretch your curly hair?

Holy Grail Curly Hair Products You've Got to Try

Hey Curlies,

On this week's episode of Curly Conversations, I chatted about some of my favorite holy grail natural hair products. It's always nice to know what ingredients benefit your hair, but when shopping for curly hair products, it's helpful to know the names of specific products that work.

That's why today, I'm name dropping.

Here are my top 5 holy grail products for natural hair:
If you happen to listen to this week's episode of Curly Conversations, I go into detail about why these products are my favorite natural hair products and where to find them.

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Holy grail curly hair products you've got to try - ClassyCurlies

I also add one more other product to the list.

Michelle Obama Wears Her Natural Hair (and we love it!)

Hey Curlies,

The day I've been waiting on for years has finally come. Michelle Obama was seen rocking her natural hair and I (and the rest of Twitter) are super excited!

I'm not sure when this photo was taken, but Michelle is wearing a headband with curls everywhere. I always thought about how the world would react if Michelle Obama wore her natural hair when she was in the White House - talk about making a statement.

I always hoped she had some curls up underneath that silk press, and I was right.

Michelle Obama wears natural hair - ClassyCurlies

This is exactly how I feel about Michelle Obama's hair:


Your Spring Curly Hair Care Checklist

Hey Curlies,

While everyone was busy completing the 31 Days of Healthy Hair Challenge, I was busy creating more content for you all.

In honor of the spring season, I thought I'd start rolling out a series of seasonal checklists of items I recommend for you to keep your hair healthy.

It's an easy way for you identify the items you may need to grab versus what you already have.

As readers of the site, you'll get this checklist for free.

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Download your free copy of ClassyCurlies' Spring Curly Hair Care Checklist

Follow this link to download your free copy. Feel free to print it, and hang it up somewhere you'll see it daily.

A Wrap Up of ClassyCurlies' March 31 Days of Healthy Hair Challenge

Hey Curlies,

You all have no idea how thankful I am...right now, at this very moment. Today wraps up the 31 Days of Healthy Hair Challenge and the last email will go out in a couple of hours.

When I developed the idea of the challenge, I wasn't sure what type of response it would get. Boy was I overwhelmed with love!

I was thinking I would gather a small group of ladies for an intimate challenge, and I ended up getting triple what I asked for.

Over 200 ladies signed up for the challenge!

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I turned out wonderful. I gave away five awesome prizes throughout the month of March and I got lots of feedback from you all on what personal hair struggles you all have.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you happened to have missed the challenge, I will be hosting another this October.

Highlights from October's challenge will include:

-Daily emails from me on healthy hair tips and styles
-Personalized workbook
-More hair care giveaways
-Mini ebooks
-And more!

I will be releasing sign up information in September so keep an eye out!

PHOTOS: Creme of Nature Indianapolis Pop-Up Shop at Sally Beauty

Hey Curlies,

Thanks to everyone who came out this past Saturday to the Creme of Nature Pop-Up shop at Sally Beauty in Indianapolis this past weekend.

I got a chance to interact with a lot of you all and store customers while handing out samples and giving away prizes.

If you missed it, that's OK - I'll see you next time. You can relive the event through the photos below.

Thanks again for all of your support!

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Creme of Nature Indianapolis pop-up shop with Victoria of

Creme of Nature Indianapolis pop-up shop with Victoria of

Creme of Nature Indianapolis pop-up shop with Victoria of

Creme of Nature Indianapolis pop-up shop with Victoria of

Creme of Nature Indianapolis pop-up shop with Victoria of

Creme of Nature Indianapolis pop-up shop with Victoria of

Creme of Nature Indianapolis pop-up shop with Victoria of

Creme of Nature Indianapolis pop-up shop with Victoria of

Creme of Nature Indianapolis pop-up shop with Victoria of

Creme of Nature Indianapolis pop-up shop with Victoria of

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Natural Hair | Curlkit March 2017 Unboxing

Hey Curlies,

It's CurlKit unboxing time! I got my March 2017 CurlKit just a few days ago and I wanted to share the goodies with you all.

For the February CurlKit, I did an unboxing video.

The March CurlKit was a takeover box and featured three full-sized products and a sample-sized deep conditioner from Creme of Nature. It had been a while since I'd used their products so I was excited to try them.

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Unboxing CurlKit March 2017 with Creme of Nature - ClassyCurlies

Unboxing CurlKit March 2017 with Creme of Nature - ClassyCurlies

Unboxing CurlKit March 2017 with Creme of Nature - ClassyCurlies
Unboxing CurlKit March 2017 with Creme of Nature - ClassyCurlies

Unboxing CurlKit March 2017 with Creme of Nature - ClassyCurlies

Interested in snagging your own Curlkit? Receive 10 percent off using this link.

Natural Hair | Join Me This Saturday at Creme of Nature's Pop-Up Shop in Indianapolis

Hey Curlies,

Remember that announcement I dropped on this week's episode of Curly Conversations? Well here are more details.

This Saturday from 2-4 p.m. I am hosting a pop-up shop with Creme of Nature and I'd like you to come hang out with me.

Here are the details in short:

What: Creme of Nature Pop-Up Shop
Who: Myself and Creme of Nature
When: Saturday March 25, 2017 (2-4 p.m.)
Where: Sally Beauty - 5916 Crawfordsville Road, Indianapolis, IN 56224

During the pop-up-shop you'll receive product samples, learn more about the line of products and enter for a chance to win giveaways.


I'm super excited about this opportunity so I hope to see all of your faces!

Skin Tones and Hair Dyes 101: A Cheat Sheet

Hey Curlies,

This week's guest post comes from Aubrey of girlswithnaturalhair. She's going to school us on choosing the perfect hair color to best match your skin tone.

When choosing the perfect hair color, you should always take your skin tone into account.

However, be tricky. Should you use cool colors, warm colors, light colors, or darker colors? Follow these tips, and you'll find it a much simpler process.

Which hair color best fits your skin tone? - ClassyCurlies

Light Skin

The good part about having a lighter skin tone, is that you can pull off certain shades that wouldn't fare as well on those with darker skin. For example, you can wear the pastel trend without looking ridiculous or go even brighter with colored streaks.

Want something that's more “cool” and less “Crayola”? That's fine, too. People with light skin will find that ice blonde works well for them. While it has a habit of looking silly on people with dark skin tones, people with fair skin can pull off this blue-tinted blonde.

But, just because you have fair skin, that doesn't mean you have to keep your hair a light color. Some people want their hair a bit darker. In that case, you would probably be best off going for a cool, dark brown color, such as dark ash.

Medium Skin

People with medium skin have a distinct advantage over others: They can dye their hair nearly every color, and have it come out looking gorgeous.

One trend that really shows off this skin tone is the ombré style. Have your stylist transition your hair from dark brown to a beautiful golden color for best results.

In that same vein, medium-skinned people will find that colors that bring out the natural browns or oranges in their skin will make them looking even better. For that reason, if you want to go blonde, you should choose a dark golden or a copper blonde.

But what if you want to go red? That's fine, too. You just should avoid orange shades here; it will come off as looking too artificial. Instead, you should choose a red that's on the darker side, but isn't burgundy. It will look the most natural.

Dark Skin

People with darker skin often have a difficult time finding hair color that is right for them. That's because it can frequently come across as too artificial. 

For that reason, you'll want to stick to dark colors. Black, for instance, works well in almost any case. Choose jet, which is blue tinted, for cooler skin, or raven, which is red tinted, for warmer skin.

You can, however, go a bit lighter without looking too artificial. Simply choose a darker brown, but one that has a bit of extra oomph to it. Mahogany is a good choice, because it's a dark color that also has some dimension: It's warm, but with cool tones.

Want to go red? Avoid the tomato-paste coloring and instead reach for a bottle of burgundy! If you have dark skin, you're one of the few skin tones that can pull this almost-purple red color off. Count yourself lucky!

Now that you've seen what hair colors work with which skin tones, hopefully you'll find coloring your hair an easier process than it was before. With just a little know-how, you'll be looking great in no time at all.

About Author

Aubrey Ginsberg is the co-founder and editor of She works as a professional graphic designer and blogger, but has, as most of women probably, a big passion for beauty and hair care.

The Perfect Pep Talk for Anyone Lacking Confidence in their Natural Hair

Hey Curlies,

Let’s be real here - having natural hair can be tough.

Between the detangling sessions, product searching and long wash days, there are probably times you just want to give up.

Yes, all of that is hard, but what I’m hinting at is a little deeper - the mental and emotional complications that come with naturally curly hair.

Pep talk for anyone struggling with their natural hair - ClassyCurlies

Lacking some confidence?

If you’re struggling mentally or emotionally when it comes to your hair, hopefully these two episodes of Curly Conversations will help:

5 Questions You Must Ask Before Visiting a Natural Hair Salon

Hey Curlies,

Here in Indianapolis there are a good handful of natural hair salons - but it hasn't always been that way.

Since there are now choices, people always ask which one is better. No matter what natural hair salon you decide to visit, you have to do your homework first. You have to get to know the stylist and their work before you plop down in their seat.

I know the very first time I got my hair straightened in 2014, I basically interviewed my stylist (those journalism skills definitely came in handy). I wanted to know everything before she touched my hair.

Has it been a while since you've been to the salon? Maybe this is your first time.

5 Questions You Must Ask Before Visiting a Natural Hair Salon - ClassyCurlies

Here are 5 questions you must ask before sitting in a stylist's chair:

1. How long have you been styling naturally curly hair?
You must ask this with an emphasis on the "curly hair part." Some stylist have been in the hair industry for years, but they just recently began handling curly hair. Sure their experience in the overall hair industry matters, but if they've only been styling naturally curly hair for a few months, that may be a red flag.

2. Do you offer hair extension/weaving services?
Again, while some stylist may say they've worked with naturally curly hair before, they may mean it in a different fashion than what you are looking for. If they have only installed weave, sew-ins and box braids on natural hair, you might want to keep asking questions. If you're looking for a stylist to flat iron your hair or nurture your hair back to health, they may not have that experience.

3. What type of heat tools and products do you use?
This is a big one. If you're into the whole "au naturale" thing, this could be a deal breaker if your stylist only uses a certain brand (one that you aren't particularly fond of). The good news is, many stylists will allow you to bring in your own products. Also, if the only heat tools they use are hot combs and the old Marcel curling irons - run! (lol)

4. When it comes to hair maintenance, how often do you trim client's hair or deep condition?
This will quickly show your stylist's hair care education level. Of course, you don't want someone who is scissor happy, nor do you want someone who is going to neglect your split ends. You also are going to want someone who recommends deep conditioning treatments often - especially if you plan to go to them regularly.

5. What type of hair education do you provide your clients?
Now this is super important. I can't tell you how many times I've sat in a salon, my hair was done - perfectly - but the stylist didn't follow up on any tips on how to keep my hair healthy and maintained at home. Think about this: You will only visit your stylist a few times, as most of the time you will be at home.

I don't want to paint hair stylists as the villains, because they are not. They can actually be super heroes for us all.

However, since natural hair is still developing, some people have not taken the time to educate themselves on caring for curly hair, instead they just want the money involved in the business.

So ladies (and gents), do your homework before you choose a hair stylist.

Healthy Living: 4 Ways to Relax When You're Stressed

Hey Curlies,

Like many of you, I'm a super busy person. I work full time at a TV station and I also run a business - ClassyCurlies.

When I'm not at work, I'm planning events, writing content, on social media, producing a podcast or involved in community events.

There are many times people say, "I can't keep up with you," because I'm just that busy. With being busy and holding responsibilities comes stress.

It's rare that I become overwhelmed (because I'm learning to say "no"), but every now and then, I find myself in this space.

I've figured out some ways I destress, and I wanted to share them in hopes it will help you too.

4 Ways to Relax When You're Stressed - ClassyCurlies

Head over to the Healthy Living section to learn more about the four ways I relax when I'm super stressed.