Your Summer Curly Hair Care Checklist

Hey Curlies,

I'm back with another free gift for you all. Remember that Spring Curly Hair Care checklist? Well, here is the summer checklist as we get into warmer weather.

These seasonal checklists are hair care products and tools I recommend for the current season.

Feel free to print out your copy and hang it up where you see fit. When you download, be sure to click on each item on the checklist for further details.

Download your summer checklist here. 

Download your free summer curly hair care checklist - ClassyCurlies


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Natural Hair: How to Tie a Headscarf in 60 Seconds

Hey Curlies,

Ever had a bad hair day? Of course you have and I've had dozens myself. You can try to think of a quick and cute curly hair style - some of which you can find here - or you can toss on a headwrap.

What I love about headwraps are how colorful and eye catching they are. You can choose a solid- colored scarf, or a printed one to match your outfit.

Many people ask, "do you have to wear a headscarf specifically made for your hair?" The answer is no.

Most of the headscarves I wear as a hair accessory, or when I go bed are regular fashion scarves you can find at Target.

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How to tie a headscarf on natural hair in less than 60 seconds - ClassyCurlies

No matter if you are having a bad day or are still waiting for your twists or bantu knots to dry (like I was), headwraps are perfect for lazy hair days.

Check out the video below on how I tied my headscarf:

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Online DIY Shampoo and Conditioner Course Launches August 1

Hey Curlies,

In February I hosted our very first DIY Shampoo and conditioner class in Indianapolis and it sold out. The ladies who attended had a great time (you can see photos here) and I loved teaching.

I discovered an issue when I got messages from people who wanted to take the class but were not in Indianapolis - they lived outside of Indiana. I've decided to launch DIY with ClassyCurlies - an online course you can take from the comfort of your home on your own time.

The course will launch August 1 and only be available for a limited time (a few weeks). Email subscribers will get updates the minute the course opens so they can enroll.

So what does the DIY with ClassyCurlies online course look like? 

Without giving away too many details, it will contain the following:
  • A handful of videos on how to make your own all-natural shampoo and conditioner
  • Full workbook to go along with the instructional videos
  • Mini e-book
  • Printable worksheets to help you achieve healthy hair
  • And more!
There is literally "more" and I'm not just saying that. I'm so excited about the launch of this product because I feel very strongly about using hair and body products without chemicals.

Want to see how moisturized my hair turned out after using the DIY products? Click here. 

How do you sign up to be one of the first to snag your spot? Use your email address to sign up here or fill out the form below.

Get details on DIY with ClassyCurlies

* indicates required

There is so much anticipation behind this online course, so I know spots will fill up fast.

DIY shampoo and conditioner class in Indianapolis - ClassyCurlies

If you happen to be in the Indianapolis area July 15, I host my final in-person DIY course that day. Grab your tickets here. (And share with a friend)

Healthy Living: Why I love Ivory’s pure and clean bar soap

Hey Curlies,

I love to use all natural and organic ingredients in my curly hair care regimen. Lately, I’ve been on the lookout for a soap that was free of hash chemicals, and also a skincare product I could easily find at a local store.

I remember my mother buying the Ivory brand for our family when I was growing up, so I decided to pick up their 8-pack original bar soap from a local Family Dollar not too far away from my home.

Why I love Ivory’s pure and clean bar soap - ClassyCurlies

Once I got the pack open, I remembered why my mother loved this brand - and why I’ll continue using it. Ivory is 99.44% pure and clean and it’s so pure it actually floats! Got some around your home? Try it! And the brand hasn’t changed it’s formula (or that great scent) since 1879—so it’s the exact product I’ve always used.

What made me love Ivory Original Bar Soap is the fact that it is free of dyes and heavy perfumes I find in other products that could cause skin irritations. I just wanted a natural, simple soap for my skin.

I purchased my Ivory soap sometime last week from Family Dollar, but I later learned the store and brand kicked off a sale from June 12-30. The sale includes the Ivory 21oz Body Wash (both Original and Aloe) and the 8-Bar of their Original Bar Soap.

You're probably like, "well Victoria, what if I have sensitive skin?" Doctors actually recommend Ivory to patients who have sensitive skin. It gives you a great gentle clean.

I guess that means I’ll have to stock up and I encourage you to try it out and stock up as well since it will be on sale! It is one of the best affordable body washes that doesn’t skip out on value.

I’ll keep you all updates on my natural skincare regimen using Ivory, but feel free to drop your experience with Ivory in the comments section below.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Ivory. The opinions and text are all mine.

Natural Hair: Bantu Knot Out using WonderCurl

Hey Curlies,

I couldn't wait to get my hair out of the puff and into the bantu knot style I'd been thinking about. I'd envisioned lots of shrinkage (yes, I was actually hoping for it this time lol) with very tight curls.

This time I did my knots a lot different than I normally do. Typically I create a two strand twist first, then create the Bantu knot like you can see here. This time I created a finger coil, then the knot.

The rule of thumb for perfect bantu knots on natural hair is to let them set for at least 24 hours (also never start on dripping wet hair. Damp hair is best.)

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How I created my bantu knots

I started my wash day Saturday night by hoping in the shower and using Urbanaire Gypsy's Cray Cray Clay Co-wash to wash/condition.

I then let my hair sit in the towel for an hour so I could start my knots on damp hair.

I knew I wanted lots of curls so I set out to create small Bantu knots. I created my section, sprayed a bit of rose water (you'll learn more about this soon), detangled and applied WonderCurl's Butter than Love Pudding before creating the knot. You can learn more about WonderCurl here.

I didn't use a comb to create parts because I wanted them to show as less as possible once I took them down.

Here is how they turned out:

Bantu knots on long natural hair - ClassyCurlies

Bantu knots on long natural hair - ClassyCurlies

I knew I had plans on Sunday, and while it is appropriate to do go outside with Bantu knots, I wanted to have a little fun and experiment with a headwrap.

A post shared by V I C T O R I A (@classycurlies) on

You can see how I tied my headwrap here.

Bantu knot out on natural hair - ClassyCurlies

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Join Me at Fearlessly SHE Summit this July

Hey Curlies,

On this week's episode of Curly Conversations, I mentioned my life will be extremely busy the next few months and that I'm working on lots of projects. One of those items is being involved with the Fearlessly SHE Summit.

I will be speaking at this event July 9 in Indianapolis and will also serve as a panelist. The event is hosted by The Strength of SHE and is a full day of empowerment for women of color.

This year's summit will focus on beauty positivity and fearless confidence. This is your opportunity to view your beauty differently, increase your self-value and become more confident in who you are now and who you will be later.

The ladies of The Strength of SHE have lined up an amazing group of speakers and I personally can't wait to hear from each of them.

If you're interested in attending, you can purchase your tickets here and find more details below.

Hope to see you there!

Healthy Living: ClassyCurly Motivation

Hey Curlies,

Need a little bit of inspiration? I think we all do. From time-to-time I'll post a few clips from the "Inspirational Quote" segment of our weekly podcast, Curly Conversations.

I hope these short audio clips give you a burst of inspiration or remind you of the things in life that truly matter.

ClassyCurly Motivation

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Here's this week's clip:

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How to Straighten Natural Hair Without Heat Damage

Hey Curlies,

We're just a few weeks away from summer and everyone is breaking out their favorite protective styles and blowouts. While I believe the winter may be the ideal time to straighten your natural hair, the summer time is indeed the most enjoyable time to flat iron your hair.

You can pair your hair with cute outfits and beach hats all while doing a couple of hair flips (No? Just me? OK). When straightening your hair you'll want to avoid heat damage as much as possible.

While there is no way to guarantee you won't damage your hair with heat (other than to not use heat at all) I still want you to keep some things in mind that can help you protect hair curly hair from damage.

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How to straighten natural hair without heat damage - ClassyCurlies

1. Stretch your hair as much as possible without heat: Before you plug up the flat iron, use the day before to stretch your hair. Try letting your hair air dry in twists or braids before hand. If you want the complete blowout look, try African Threading.

2. Use heat tools with clear temperature settings: Ditch the heat tools with "low, medium and high" settings. What if "low" meant 150 degrees and "high" meant 500 degrees? You would burn your hair off. Find a flat iron with a temperature gauge where you can easily read if the tool is set at 200 degrees or 400 degrees.

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3. Once your hair is flat ironed, avoid using any heat tools again. Yes, I said it - no touch ups. Telling yourself you'll just "fix this one piece" will soon become a daily routine before you know it. Once your hair begins to revert to its curly state, just go with it and create a cute updo style until wash day.

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Natural Hair: How to Prevent Thinning Edges and Regrow your Hairline

Hey Curlies,

While visiting my parents one holiday, I saw a woman with a huge curly puff - I mean it was gigantic. Of course I couldn't help but stare in awe, but my expression changed as we both proceeded onto the elevator. My back view of her puff changed to a side view and all I could see were missing edges.

Her puff was beautiful and full but her edges were thin and almost nonexistent. There are many traditions and routines in the black community that contribute to thinning edges and if you're looking to regrow your edges, here are some tips.

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How to prevent thinning edges:

- Avoid hair styles that cause tension at the hairline (puffs, box braids, senegalese twists, ponytails, etc.) This doesn't mean you can't wear these styles - just limit the amount of time you wear them. You can learn more about this here. 

- Don't forget to moisturize your edges: Often times we concentrate so much on moisturizing the crown and ends of our hair that we forget about our hairline. Apply a light moisturizer and an oil a few times a week.

- Ditch the brush: In the black community we have the tradition of brushing our edges multiple times to "lay them down." In reality we are putting too much stress on this area, which causes them to break off. Get rid of the brush and use your fingers to style.

- Protecting your hair at night is crucial to retaining curly hair length, but be sure to choose your night time wrap wisely. Some bonnets and headscarfs and cause damage to your hairline if tied too tightly or if they are made out of drying material like cotton. Opt for satin and silk wraps.

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Tips on regrowing your edges:
- Drink plenty of water. Your hair's health reflects your body's moisture levels.

- Spray a small amount of water to the hairline and follow up with castor oil or Jamaican black castor oil three to four times per week.

Got a question? Shoot me an email at

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5 Hair Products with Organic and Healthy Ingredients

Hey Curlies,

It was great talking with you all on Facebook Live yesterday when we chatted about all natural hair products that contain organic ingredients. These are some of the natural hair products I think are best for curly hair.

This topic is so important because the market can be very over saturated, leaving us confused on which products to use. I always tell people when they're overwhelmed, to go with the products with the safest and most natural ingredients.

Check out our lunch time Facebook Live below and leave some of your favorite hair products in the comments.

Natural hair products with organic ingredients - ClassyCurlies

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Join Our Lunch Time Facebook Live This Thursday

Hey Curlies,

I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday! I just wanted to drop by really quick to let you know about our lunch time Facebook Live that will take place this Thursday (May 24) at 1 p.m. on the ClassyCurlies Facebook page.

During our chat I'll talk about hair products with organic and natural ingredients you may want to try, and then I'll open up the floor for questions.

So bring your lunch, drinks, smoothies, coffee into the room with me - even if you're watching from your phone at your desk - to our lunch time Facebook Live this Thursday.

I can't wait to chat with you!

3 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Tapered Cut on Natural Hair

Hey Curlies,

We've went from crochet braids to faux locs and now to the ever famous tapered cut for natural hair.

It seems like everyone has jumped on this style trend whether their hair is straight or curly, but I've seen a big response from the natural hair community.

Some months ago I was speaking with a small business owner - who rocks a cute tapered cut - and she believes majority of women will ditch their long curly hair for the short cut. Now I don't know if I completely see that happening, but I do think a lot of women like the look.

3 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Tapered Cut on Natural Hair - ClassyCurlies

Thinking of getting yours chopped? Here are a few things to consider and a few inspirational photos to get you started:

1. Not everyone is a master at cutting curly hair, so make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing before they start.

2. Tapered cuts require a lot of maintenance, so make sure this is really what you want. You'll likely have to visit a stylist or barber every few weeks to keep it in shape - so make sure you have the time and the funds.

3. Your new cut will require just as much care as your previous style. You'll still have to wash it, deep condition it and apply product

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Here are some of my favorite Instagram tapered cut photos:

Finally got these Bantu Knots together ➰! 1️⃣Started on co-washed hair and applied Shea moisture restorative conditioner and olive oil to moisturize & seal 2️⃣Applied Xtreme Wetline gel to define my curls on the sides and in the back 3️⃣Bantu knotted top section (on wet hair) using Crowned Curlies Moisturerizer 4️⃣Left Bantu knots in for 24 hrs (I recommend AT LEAST 12hrs air dry time) Dry time is crucial for these, it takes longer because of how Bantus are wrapped 5️⃣Untwist Bantus like a bottle cap 6️⃣Slightly untwist Bantu at root until you find a natural separation appear, then separate. (Take your time!) Find as many as you can to separate the section before moving onto the next Bantu knot out 7️⃣Fluff roots w/ pick, blending natural curls w/ the Bantu Knotout at top Done! ✔️ Watch the tutorial, link is in my bio !
A post shared by Youtube: Ty'Jalayah Robertson (@naturallylady) on

A post shared by Thais Mariano (@thais_mariano31) on

A post shared by NaturallyShik (@naturally14shik) on

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DIY Shampoo and Conditioner Class Indianapolis

Hey Curlies,

I've recently been talking about the online DIY shampoo and conditioner class being released this summer - but I wanted to hold an additional, larger class in Indianapolis for those who missed the first because it sold out.

This class will be held July 15 from noon -1:30 p.m. and contain all of the bells and whistles from the last class.

You can see photos from the last class here.

DIY shampoo and conditioner class in Indianapolis - ClassyCurlies

You will learn which ingredients are best for creating your own shampoos and conditioners at home, along with whipping up your own two bottles to take home. You'll be able to customize your mixes to fit your favorite scent. All materials will be provided.

You'll also get a chance to ask any hair care questions during the Q&A portion of the event.

Why should you attend?
  • Learn more about creating your own natural hair products at home
  • No need to purchase all of the ingredients to make your own product - all will be supplied
  • Interact with other like-minded women
  • Get all of your curly hair questions answered during the Q&A portion
Looking to purchase tickets? You can do so here, or below.

Catch up on Podcast Episodes of Curly Conversations

Hey Curlies,

This Tuesday I'm inviting you to catch up on episodes of Curly Conversations - our natural hair and healthy living podcast.

There will not be a new episode this week, however, there are 17 others with great content and interviews.

Curly Conversations - Culture Appropriation in the Natural Hair Community

I'd like you to listen to episode 11, where myself and my special guest talk about culture appropriation in the natural hair and black communities. You can listen here Tuesday at 7 p.m.

You can also find other past episodes here. Don't forget to catch new episodes of Curly Conversations every Tuesday on our Curly Conversations pageBe sure to subscribe on SoundCloudiTunes and Google Play so you don't miss an episode. 

How to Moisturize Dry Natural Hair with Q-Redew

Hey Curlies,

Some months ago I discovered another holy grail natural hair product, and I've been waiting for this moment to share it all with you.

I've been using the Q-Redew hair steamer to style and remoisturize my natural hair - and I've had some amazing results! People always ask how they can keep their curly hair moisturized or which product works best, and lately I've been recommending the Q-Redew.

So how does it work?

You simply fill the chamber of the hair steamer with distilled water, plug it up, let it warm up and begin steaming your hair. The experience is similar to using a handheld steamer to get wrinkles out of clothing.

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Q-Redew natural hair steamer review - ClassyCurlies

How does it work?

The warm steam makes your hair soft, moisturized, and pliable - meaning you can restyle your hair anyway you'd like without wetting your hair, washing it and starting all over from scratch.

It's the perfect tool to use if you quickly want to transition from one style to another. It also great for turning your shrunken wash-n-go into plump, stretched two-strand twists (or some other creation).

Even if you're not looking to restyle, it's good to just give your hair an extra boost.

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Want to see how it works?

Check out my video below of how I transformed my hair from a high bun to two-strand twists just using the Q-Redew and a little bit of oil to style.

**This is a paid sponsored post from Q-Redew**

Book Your One-on-One Curly Hair Care Consultation with ClassyCurlies

Hey Curlies,

I get tons of emails from women who enjoy's content on natural hair and healthy living, but they want a little more.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to sit down with a woman who believed her hair just needed a little extra attention. She booked a 1-on-1 hair consultation with me and we chatted for about an hour or so and we put together a personalized hair regimen for her.

We talked about products she should use, techniques and lots more.

I love interacting with you all on social media and on other online platforms, but what I love even more is engaging with someone one-on-one, which is why I'm offering curly hair care consultations.

Book Your One-on-One Curly Hair Care Consultation with ClassyCurlies

If you've visited the Build You Brand with Us page lately, you'd notice I offer a lot of services for those looking to get their business off the ground - but the hair consultations is where you all come in.

Don't know if you need a personal hair consultation? If any of these apply to you, I encourage you to book an appointment:
You have...
  • Trouble with styling
  • Dry hair that won't stay moisturized and breaks easily
  • Trouble gaining confidence in your curly hair
  • Are just starting off and wanting to do the big chop but aren't sure of the next steps
  • Looking for new products to try
Basically, if you have a problem...let's chat about it. I'd love to hear from you.

Those in the Indianapolis area will get an in-person session, while those outside of the area will receive a video chat session.

Want to book your appointment? You can do so here.