International Natural Hair Meetup Day Indianapolis 2016

Hey Curlies,

I would like to thank everyone that came out to Learn Your Curls Natural Hair Workshop and Product Swap last weekend. The ladies and I had a great time!

As you all know, I can't sit still for too long and I already have the next event on the calendar! This type of event is one I've participated in before but this time, I'm putting on the entire event.


Tickets are now on sale!

INHMD Indianapolis 2016

May 21, 2016 I will host International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD) in Indianapolis! What is INHMD? It is an annual one-day event whose purpose is to allow an opportunity for women worldwide to meet in their own communities while networking, sharing, and virtually meeting other women participating in same day meetups cross country and continents. Natural hair meetups are events designed to inform, share, inspire, and aid individuals in their natural hair journey.

What's in it for you and what can you expect at this event?
Natural Hair Workshops
International natural hair metope day indianapolis 2016Shopping
Swag bags
Great vendors
Networking & More

Workshops include:
DIY Whipped Shea Butter (make a batch to take home with you)
Live tutorial: Faux locs and crochet braids

General Admission & VIP tickets now available 

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact me at

Twistout Using Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture

Hey Curlies,

I wanted to show you all the results of my twistout using a product from the new Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture line.

Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture

I used the first and last products (Curl Defining Milk and Coconut oil). I haven't tried the curl gel as of yet, maybe for a wash n go puff in the summer?

I wore these twists pulled back into a low bun from Sunday-Thursday.

madam cj walker natural hair products

Twistout day one

madame cj walker hair products

Twistout day two

Look out for a video with my first impressions of these two products later this week!

See you at #LearnYourCurls this Afternoon

Hey Curlies,

I'm so excited about #LearnYourCurls happening today! I hope to see some of my Indianapolis curlies there as it is going to be a great time! Tickets are for sale at and will also be sold at the door. (Cash only).

natural hair event Indianapolis

See ya soon!

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Find the Perfect Roller for your Natural Hair

Hey Curlies,

I'm constantly being asked "How do you maintain a roller set?" People can't figure out how to keep their curls once they have spent several hours rolling their hair. Before this, one must decide which roller to choose based on the style they are going for.

In my natural life I've tried my fair share of rollers and today I'm hoping to leave you with some help as to how to achieve a certain look by choosing the best roller.

rollers for curly hair

Here's how to find the prefect roller for your natural hair:

Perm Rods: With these rollers, think "Shirley Temple" style. If this is a style you're looking to rock, see how I styled mine here.

perm rods on natural hair
Styled using perm rods

Curlformers: If you are also looking to achieve sleek roots with curly stands on the end, this is your roller! As a result of your straight roots, it will be easy to restyle/transform your style into something else once it gets old. See how I styled mine here.

curlformers on natural hair
Styled using curlformers

Flexi rods: These rollers allow you to show a little bit of your length as you control how closely you wrap your hair around the roller. The key to shiny and springy curls is allowing your hair to dry fully to ensure they take the shape of the roller. See how I styled mine here.

flexi rods on natural hair
Flexi rod set
Magnetic rollers: If you're looking to really stretch your hair, you may want to give magnetic rollers a try, (although they arguably may be more difficult to install correctly than others). See how I styled mine here.

natural hair rollers set
Styled with magnetic rollers
I'm sure there are some other rollers out there I haven't mentioned but I hope this gets you started.

3 Reasons You Should Attend Learn Your Curls Natural Hair Workshop in Indianapolis

Hey Curlies,

Have you all gotten your tickets yet? Learn Your Curls Natural Hair workshop is less than one week away and I'm so excited! If you aren't aware of this event being held in the Indianapolis, it is for those who are new to natural hair or looking to go natural (big chop) soon

Topics covered in this event are as followed:

• The importance of protective styling

• How to find a protective style that works for you

• How to properly moisturize curly hair

• Your guide to trimming natural hair

• Must have tools and products for natural hair success

• Things I wish I knew before I went natural

Indianapolis natural hair event

Here are three reasons you should attend Learn Your Curls Natural Hair Workshop:

1. Unless you have time dedicated to researching natural hair care, which none of us do (OK...maybe me lol), you know there is an abundance of hair care advice out there. At #LearnYourCurls I've done all the research for you. All of have to do is attend and soak up the knowledge!

2. You get to connect with other naturals in the city. This is a great opportunity to meet other women in the natural hair community to discover their stories, tips and tricks. It is also nice to know you aren't alone.

3. The price of #LearnYourCurls is a great deal! Most hair workshops such as these can cost at least $30+ and this event is only $10 (as I want it to be affordable for everyone). You can't beat the $10 price tag for the large amount of knowledge that will fill the room.

BONUS REASON: You can finally clear out all of those hair products you found not to work for you! Get rid of your old products and swap them for some new ones at the event.

I'm truly excited about this upcoming event on March 26. You may purchase tickets at or (by using the order form below).

I hope to see you there!

New Natural Hair Products: Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture & NATURALICIOUS

Hey Curlies,

I'm excited to share two new product lines I am trying out. The first are some of the new Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture products and the the other, products made by NATURALICIOUS.

madam cj walker hair products
Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture

naturalicious products

Today I dedicated to washing my hair and tomorrow I will be twisting so I got a chance to try one of the three MCJWB products and I will have my first impressions via video very soon.

I plan to try out the NATURALICIOUS products next week! Stay tuned for details!

My next natural hair event in Indianapolis is on the calendar for March 26. This event will cater to all of those who are new to natural hair or looking to go natural (big chop) soon.  Details here: 

Indianapolis natural hair event

Xotica Natural Hair Extensions Overview

Hey Curlies,

I'd like to introduce to you a new natural hair extension line I recently discovered called Xotica Hair. This company offers premium natural hair extensions specifically made for Black women’s hair texture.

One thing I really appreciate about the company was this line written on their website: "No longer do you have to struggle to blend silky textures like  Brazilian, Malaysian or Peruvian with your natural Afro hair."

I feel as if so many women try to do this and it looks horrible! Finally we can try something that actually fits our hair texture. Xotica Hair offers five (weaves and clip-ins) that mimic curl patterns ranging from type 4A, 4B, 4C and 3B/C curl. All of their products are 100 percent genuine human hair and are single sourced.

I was checking out the 4A Afro Kinky Hair clip-ins (pictured above) and I just may have to try them. Although I have
more hair than the model, my hair isn't always in a "stretched state" due to the time it takes to lengthen my curls using two-strand twists, bantu knots, etc. Although I'm not into 22-inch weave (lol) some people are as they have 12, 14,16,18, 2, 22, and 24 inches available. The unit I am speaking of is priced at $94.95, which I think is pretty reasonable for hair extensions now days.

You can even order samples for $8 to feel the texture before buying one or more bundles.

Out of all of the previously mentioned, I love this is a Black-owned business. (Ya'll know how I feel about them). The company is owned by a woman named Kimali who struggled for years to find the right extensions after cutting her locs. Finally, she just thought to create her own.

For more information on Xotica Hair, visit

This is a sponsored post.

By the way...

My next natural hair event in Indianapolis is on the calendar for March 26. This event will cater to all of those who are new to natural hair or looking to go natural (big chop) soon.  Details here: 

Natural Hair: 3 Things to Know Before Getting Box Braids

Hey Curlies,

I've been getting a couple of questions about protective styles, particularly caring for box braids, faux locs and large twists with added hair. While I am not a fan of these styles (with added hair) to maintain healthy hair (for a variety of reasons), I'm aware these styles are go-to for many people.

So if you must wear these styles, I have a few tips and pieces of advice for you:
caring for box braids
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TIP #1

Do not, I repeat do not get your style installed too tightly. Yes, we all want our stylist to "catch every piece of hair" to make the style last as long as possible however, this is very, very unhealthy. Not only will you have a large chance of experiencing breakage, especially with your edges (as they are very delicate), you leave the salon or person's home with the worst headache of your life. You should not have to take Tylenol or ibuprofen before or after getting your hair done...unless you want broken edges.

TIP #2

Box braids
Tia Mowry in box braids
Be mindful of what size braid or twists you select for your hair. The bigger your sections, the less likely you have of experiencing breakage. Those small braids/twists are not a good choice as many of your sections will be attached to added hair that will become much heavier than your own hair. As a result, your hair and scalp experience a lot of stress, which later leads to breakage...especially those edges.

TIP #3

When you remove your style you will, I repeat you will experience a large amount of shedding. You may feel as if your hair is falling out but most likely it is not. Here's the explanation behind this: Your hair naturally sheds about 100-150 hairs per day. Keep in mind you can't comb your hair with these styles. If you wear your style for 30 days, think of how many hairs should have shed during that time but couldn't because of your hairstyle. Once you do decided to remove them, all of those hairs come out at once.

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Get even more detailed tips in our Curly Conversations episode:

By the way...

Have you grabbed your ticket to our DIY Shampoo + Conditioner class in Indianapolis July 15? Get details here. Can't make our Indianapolis class? Our online course launches August 1. Sign up to be one of the first to get details here. 

ClassyCurlies Q&A

Hey Curlies,

Here's a question from a reader and good friend of mine who had a natural hair question.

natural hair question

For years I have had problems with my thinning hairline. At first I thought it was my perms. Because ALL of my hair was thinning I decided it might be best to go natural. So fast forward 4 years laters and I still have some issues. I've been told that it is because of styling, pulling my hair to much. Etc.
My question is.. What can I do to restore my edges? I have currently been moisturizing with coconut oil and black castor oil. I know I'm in need of a new bonnet because the band isn't satin but I just want to know what other steps I can take. Answer: 

First I would look at your parents' and siblings' hairlines. Have they experienced the same challenges you have? If so, it could be genetic. But yes, styling and how you protect your hair at night are key factors in a healthy hairline.
What type of styles are you wearing? Are they mostly puffs, ponytails or box braids or twists (with extentions)? All of these styles, especially the latter of the two, can cause lots of breakage if worn for an extensive period of time. One time I wore smaller box braids for a summer and my edges were terrible once I took them out. I wore two strand twists (with my own hair) for a while and they slowly grew back in.
You may have to say goodbye to your bonnet, especially if its edge is not satin or silk. I usually tie a scarf around my edges and then put the bonnet on my loose hair and I've found this to be quite helpful.
There isn't a specific product I would recommend other than what you've already been using. Treat your hairline like a baby. Don't use a hard brush to lay down your edges, get rid of gels that dry out your edges, and use your fingers to styles those areas as much as possible. Always remember your diet also plays a factor.

By the way...

My next natural hair event in Indianapolis is on the calendar for March 26. This event will cater to all of those who are new to natural hair or looking to go natural (big chop) soon.  Details here: 

'What's up with all these white people and braids?'

Hey Curlies,

Here goes one of those controversial topics I love to talk about on this blog. The topic initially came up during work. I am the newsroom manager at an African-American newspaper and we talk about race quite often. Someone asked me, "What's up with all these white people and braids?"

I'd never really given it much thought until I saw a magazine in the grocery store later on in the day that read somewhere along the lines of, "Check out (insert non-Black celebrity's name) and her new, trendy braids."
white people with braids

I was like ......what? (insert emoji with surprised face).

The celebrity was wearing cornrows straight to the back...(or "boxer braids" is what they were called) those aren't new...nor are they trendy!

Later on this week I saw these pictures -->

You've got to be kidding me if the media is seriously trying to spin this as something new. My issues with this are:

1. Cornrows or box braids are not new, they may be to those who are non-Black but, not new
2. Why are these styles all of a sudden stylist now that other ethnic groups have chosen to wear them?

Overall, I'm not upset that non-Black people choose to wear styles that Black people have created tradition in. That's not an issue for me because over time we all adapt items and behaviors from other cultures and I think that's what make us a beautiful melting pot. However, I am not OK with media outlets saying these styles are new and trendy just because white people have decided to wear them.

My issue is with the media and not those wearing the styles.

What are your thoughts? Do you mind non-Black people wearing traditionally Black hairstyles such as locs, cornrows or box braids?

My next natural hair event in Indianapolis is on the calendar for March 26. This event will cater to all of those who are new to natural hair or looking to go natural (big chop) soon.  Details here: