Finally Arrived: Skinny & Co.

Hey Curlies,

It has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here - my items from Skinny and Co.

On Black Friday, the company had a BOGO free sale, and of course I couldn’t pass it up. If you’re not familiar with this brand, they sell high-quality coconut oil products. I use several of their products for my skin and hair.

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From the sale I ordered:

-8oz coconut oil (free item)
-Coconut oil pulling kit (includes: lip balm, wooden spoon, peppermint coconut oil for pulling)
-Rose whipped body butter

I’ll continue to incorporate the coconut oil into my hair regimen and you’ll specifically hear more about the oil pulling method in the Healthy Living section.

What type of coconut oil do you all use on your hair? 

Looking to order? Get yours here.