Healthy Living: How I Shop for a Vegetarian and Carnivore

Hey Curlies,

So if you haven't noticed, I'm pretty much a healthy eater about 90 percent of the time. My boyfriend on the other hand...let's just say we're complete opposite when it comes to food.

My idea of a snack is a piece of fruit and a bottle of water. His idea of a snack is donuts and chips.

You get where I'm headed here?

We eat completely different, which can make grocery shopping difficult. I usually shop alone because I'm more likely to stick to my list. When he comes along, we act like we're millionaires and the cart is overflowing.

(By the way, I shop weekly since I buy a lot of fresh items)

So, how do I shop for someone who is almost vegetarian, and for someone who likes meat?

Here are three things I like to do to keep our household under control and both of us happy. If you're in the same situation, I hope this helps you as well.