Two-Strand Twists: Embrace your Shrinkage

Hey Curlies,

Never have thought I would see the day when I actually embrace my hair shrinkage. When I first did my big chop in 2011 I had a little more than a twa. I couldn't wait for my hair to get long so I could do more styles.

Now that I've reached my hair goal – shoulder-lenth hair while curly – I actually miss this days when my twistout can look like this:


natural hair shrinkage



In this picture, my hair was not stretched, just a twist n curl (see my fave here).

So today I washed and conditioned my hair and simply twisted on damp hair using Urbanaire Gypsy's leave-in conditioner.

I plan on wearing these twists for at least the next week or'll hear more about them later in an upcoming video.