Self Care: Make Yourself a Priority

Hey Curlies,

How often do you dedicate or find time to yourself? Kids have school events, spouses need time too and your job...let's not even go there.

Seriously...think about this. When was the last time you gave yourself a little TLC?

**Moment of transparency**

Self care is so important and the older I get, the more I learn of its significance. A few months ago I was in a completely different headspace. I knew I wanted to do something new and I knew where I was, wasn't going to help me achieve that, so naturally, I was frustrated.
importance of self care

I had major anxiety about my next steps and surrounding all of that were long lists of items I wanted to achieve both professionally and personally. I couldn't stop thinking about when I was going to find the time to check off those goals on my list and what I could do to get there. It was overwhelming.

I was searching for ways to combat this random, constant anxiety I was having, which was weird because I'm naturally a very calm I knew something was wrong. I found two things to help my stress levels: learning something new paired with yoga.

I've always been a healthy eater, but the learning curve happened when I began researching more clean and plant-based eating techniques. I instantly became more energized and my mind cleared up...a lot.

Yoga was a lifesaver...seriously. I had never done yoga in the past but I've always wanted to try some form of meditation, especially since the field I work in is constantly "connected." I simply hopped on YouTube and my introduction to Yoga began. I learned by simply disconnecting myself from the world for 20 minutes completely changed my mood!

So long story short...

Take care of yourself. If that means disconnecting from technology, getting lost in the pages of a good book, outlining goals and how to achieve them step-by-step, visiting a therapist or simply talking to someone. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Simply...take care of yourself...make yourself a deserve it!