Healthy Products at Market District?

Hey Curlies,

Looking for a place to find a variety of natural products? Check out my visit to Market District!

Market District in Carmel, Indiana

Being in the news industry, I constantly kept hearing about Market District– a new grocery store in Carmel, Indiana. Essentially if you have a Giant Eagle, also a grocery store, its a similar version but on steroids.

When stores like this come around I'm always so curious to know what the hype is about. Months after the grand opening, I finally got a chance to visit...from a hair and health perspective.

Dragon fruit from Market District
Dragon Fruit
The produce section, the most important to me, was the biggest I'd ever seen at any store. I spotted many "exotic" fruits and veggies like Jackfruit and Dragon Fruit, which I purchased.

Every single item was fresh. Nothing looked more than a day old.

I also have been dying to roll out some fresh dough for the homemade pizzas I make and Market District also had that. They offered packaged dough and pizza kits, which I also purchased. From fresh meats to already prepared meals, they had it all and...I was truly impressed!

Fresh pizza dough from Market District

They also had the biggest wine room I'd ever seen. I was almost an entire store inside of the store.

Now...moving on to the hair and beauty section.

Market District had many hair a body products I hadn't heard of. Many of them offered high quality and all natural ingredients. If you were looking for hair products, skin care products and even was all in one place. They even had a hair salon!

Natural soaps at Market District

They offered lots of great smelling natural bar soaps, bath salts and a surprisingly full "ethnic hair care" section. This store is located in an area with a low population of African-Americans, so kudos to Market District for those who do use these products in this area.

Bath salts at Market District

That's mom! She was in town during my visit.

Hair products at Market District
"Ethnic hair car" section.

Overall I had a great time!

So why is all of this important? 

For this who have been reading for the past six years, this blog speaks on caring for natural hair but also nourishing your body to keep not only your hair healthy but your entire self healthy. 

Shopping at new places, or even simply going to check them out can inspire you to take care of yourself better.